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Russell Hobbs 15082 1.7l Blue Illuminating Glass Kettle

Whilst we all love a good cup of tea, the kettle that boils the water does tend to be a rather mundane item! That said, we certainly don’t want an ugly one cluttering up our kitchen worktop! With that in mind, we’re taking a look at a rather unique and beautiful kettle today; the Russell Hobbs 15082.

So what’s so special about this kettle, then?

Well, apart from the fact that it’s a striking glass kettle which you can see right through, it also has a blue LED ring inside which illuminates while boiling. The result is a rather unique and pretty kettle that’s bound to catch anybody’s eye.

The jug has a 1.7 litre capacity, and a push button lid for easy access. Simply press the button to flip the lid open, and then press the lid back down to close.

It has a quick boil element which heats the water quickly, and it’s concealed so as not to ruin the device’s gorgeous looks! There’s a removable filter inside too, to stop any limescale bits from ruining your tea!

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Russell Hobbs 15082 Features and Specifications

  • See through glass body
  • Striking and unique blue illuminating LED
  • 1.7 litre capacity
  • Concealed quick boil element
  • Push button lid for easy access and filling
  • Removable filter

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Of course, no review would be complete without checking how well the kettle does it’s job in the real world! So does this machine make a decent cuppa? Unfortunately, we noticed a worrying trend almost straight away.

A huge amount of people were unhappy with their purchase. Some 35% of people gave the kettle a poor review. Worse still, quite a few people who’d originally given it a good review came back at a later date to report problems!

So was there anything good about this kettle?

Yes, there’s one thing – the blue LED is cool. Yes, unfortunately, that’s really all this kettle has going for it. Looks.

There seems to be a major design fault, which causes the push button lid mechanism to break after some time. Most people seemed to have experienced this fault after 3 to 7 months, however it seems that it can happen at any time.

After some use, the lid simply jams up and refuses to open when you press the button. In fact, the button won’t even press in, which means there must be something inside the mechanism blocking it.

When over 35% of customers (perhaps as high as 40% with the people who changed their opinion) have experienced the same problem, you know you’ve got a major defect on your hands. For reference, we usually find a satisfaction rate of 95-98% with well made kitchen gadgets.

To add insult to injury, people also complained that it’s poorly designed for its main use. Whilst it does boil very quickly (2 cups of water can be ready in just 90 seconds), the position of the handle and the shape of the spout mean that it needs to be held at an inconvenient angle to pour.

A lot people complained that, when the jug isn’t very full, you practically have to tip the kettle vertically to pour (and even then you can’t get all of the water out).

It seems like whoever designed the Russell Hobbs 15082 spent so much time worrying about what it looked like, that they forgot that you’d need to be able to make a cup of tea with it! It’s a shame, because the LED does look cool, but we can’t condone this kind of shoddy workmanship. Avoid!

  • Score: 1 stars

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