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Morphy Richards 43772 Accents Pyramid Kettle Review

We’re lovers of the retro look here at Kitchenables, and there are quite a few kitchen gadgets around these days which are an update of a classic style. The Morphy Richards 43775 Accents Pyramid style kettle is one of them.

This is a stylish device, with a classic look that’s timeless. The stainless steel body comes in a variety of vibrant matte finish colours. The 43772 model is red, but the kettle is also available in black, red, copper, blue, green and even purple.

It’s been given a few modern flourishes too, to bring the kettle bang up to date. Both the on/off switch and the water gauge are illuminated, adding to to this kettle’s funky looks.

The kettle itself has a 1.5 litre capacity, and a concealed rapid boil element that promises to have a cup of coffee ready for you quick sharp! There’s a removable filter too so you won’t get any limescale bits floating in your tea.

This kettle is suitable for both right and left handed people. With a 360 degree base, the handle can be swung to face in either direction, so it’s easy for anybody to pick up and pour.

Morphy Richards 43772 Accents Pyramid Kettle Features and Specifications

  • Classic retro look – looks great in any kitchen
  • Illuminated on/off switch and water guage
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Available in cream, red, black, copper, blue, green or purple.
  • 1.5 litre capacity
  • Concealed rapid boil element – quench your first nice and quick!
  • 360 degree base suitable for both right and left handed people

Customer Feedback and Reviews

It’s time to take a look at the most important opinion of all. What do the customers think? We’ve gathered together all the customer opinions that we could find, and found that 85% would recommend this kettle. About 70% awarded it top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

Top of the list when it came to what people liked about this kettle, is the way it looks. The retro design does look super-cool, and the illuminated switch and gauge add a modern flare without making it look tacky. Yes, an Accents kettle is going to grace any kitchen worktop very well.

The stainless steel body is nice and sturdy too. Customers reported that the machine has a satisfying weight to it, making it feel durable, and well made.

Once you’ve got the water in, you should be drinking your tea in no time. People said that the kettle was nice and quick to boil, so you shouldn’t be hanging around thirsty for too long! Once the water has settled (about 10 seconds after boiling), the kettle pours really nicely as well; no spills and drips.

So it looks good, feels well made, and by all accounts makes a nice cup of tea! But was there anything wrong with it? A few negative points did come up.

Firstly, quite a few customers complained that the water gauge steams up which makes it very hard to read. You can correct this minor annoyance by giving the kettle a shake before boiling, so that water gets rid of any condensation.

Another minor problem, is that it is rather noisy. However, since it boils quickly we don’t really think this is a big problem. It’s not going to be turned on and making a noise for long periods of time.

There were a few more serious comments. A few customers had complained of the water gauge leaking. Whilst clearly only a small minority of customers had experienced this issue, it did come up several times. We don’t think this problem is widespread, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

One more problem, is that the kettle doesn’t seem to stand the test of time particularly well. After a few years of use (it comes with a two year warranty) people were reporting chipped paint, and even rust.

The Morphy Richards 43772 is a really good kettle. It looks great, comes in a variety of colours to suit any kitchen, and it boils and pours nicely too. We’re slightly concerned that a few customers experienced problems after several years of use, so it’s not going to get top marks, but the vast majority of customers were happy and reported no issues. Definitely one of the most stylish kettles on the market, and pours a great cuppa too!

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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