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De’Longhi Icona KBO3001.R Scarlet Red Review

In our search for a stylish and modern looking kettle, we’ve often been disappointed. Whilst a lot of kettles look the part (and have a price tag to match) we’ve found they are often marred by poor reliability, or outright design flaws. Can the De’Longhi Icona be the kettle to buck the trend? Let’s find out.

If you’re looking for a red kettle, the lovely glossy scarlet red finish on this one should make your eyes light up. Indeed, the Icona looks very stylish, and De’Longhi seem to have opted for a modern look instead of following the recent retro trend that we see in a lot of modern kitchen appliances.

The body is made of stainless steel, so promises to be durable, and there are no plastics exposed inside the kettle either where the water is boiled. This is an important consideration for a lot of people who don’t like plastic-tasting tea!

The jug can hold 1.7 litres of water (enough for 6 cups), and it contains a concealed rapid boil element too.

One unique thing about this kettle is the three fail-safes built-in. Of course, the kettle automatically turns itself off when the water boils. However it also turns itself off automatically when the kettle is lifted, and it has a thermal cut off too which will cut the power if it gets too hot.

The base is suitable for either left or right handed people, allowing you to swivel the kettle’s hand around to either the left or the right hand side.

De’Longhi Icona KBO3001.R Features and Specifications

  • Stainless steel construction with a scarlet red finish
  • 1.7 litre capacity – plenty for 6 full cups
  • Three safety cut-off features – auto shut off on boil and lift, and thermal cut off
  • Suitable for left or right handed people

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This kettle has sold extremely well over the years, so we had no problem gathering customer comments. There are hundreds available! We found that 67% of people would recommend this kettle. That leaves an awful lot of people who didn’t like it! Let’s take a look at the good, and then the bad.

The main thing that people seemed to like about this device is it’s looks. Indeed, most people seemed to have set out to find a good looking kettle, and they got one with the Icona. It does look sleek and modern, and if you’re looking for a red kettle in particular, it’s one of the only options around.

But looks aren’t everything, and there are a couple of significant flaws in the design of this kettle which even happy customers acknowledged.

The most glaring problem is that when the kettle had boiled, steam leaks from the lid. This isn’t really a big problem until you pick the kettle up to pour. The handle is positioned in such a way that the steam rises onto your hand, scalding you as you pour.

I should point out that this happens only if you pour immediately after boiling the kettle, if you wait a while before making your tea the steam stops. However, I’d wager that the majority of people want to be able to pour straight away as soon as the kettle has boiled. We find this kind of flaw to be completely unacceptable.

Another problem, is that the lid is very stiff and difficult to remove. Quite a lot of pressure needs to be applied to get it off, and this often results in it suddenly coming off quite quickly and water spraying everywhere. If you’re reboiling the kettle straight away after use, this can result in rather hot drops of water spraying everywhere. Another unacceptable flaw.

We don’t think there’s much point in looking into the De’Longhi Icona kettle any further. Any kettle that has the potential to burn you whilst you pour is, in our book, simply not fit for purpose. One to avoid.

  • Score: 1 stars

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