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Cuisinart CPK17U Multi Temp Stainless Steel Review

We’re big fans of Cuisinart kitchen appliances; not only are they stylish, but they always bring something new to the table. So, we’re pretty interested to see what kind of spin they’ve put on the humble kettle! Let’s take a look to see what the Cuisinart CPK17U Multi Temp has to offer.

First things first, the Multi-Temp is perhaps the most striking and modern looking kettle available. As well as the ultra-stylish brushed stainless steel body, the water level gauge is illuminated with a swish blue LED for easy reading. If you’re looking for a sleek modern-looking kettle for your kitchen, you need look no further!

Looks are one thing, but what about the innovations that Cuisinart are known for?

The unique thing about this kettle is that it allows you to determine the temperature. There’s a digital control on the handle which lets you choose a final temperature for your water of between 85 and 100 degrees.

This is great for making speciality teas and instant coffee; Green tea for example gets bitter when too hot. Not only that, but heating to a lower temperature when required is going to use less energy too. Every little helps!

The jug will hold up to 1.7 litres of water (plenty for 6 cups of tea or coffee) and has a concealed fast boil element for quick heating. The spout is large, and specially designed for ease of pouring.

The kettle is suitable for both right handed and left handed people, with a 360 degree base which allows you to position the handle in either direction.

One of the brilliant things about Cuisinart devices is that they tend to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to quality. They’re so confident in the quality of their products that they hand out a nice long warranty with every one. The CPK17U is covered for a full 3 years!

We found that most kettles were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Cuisinart CPK17U which is currently available for 20% off.

Cuisinart CPK17U Multi Temp Features and Specifications

  • Digital temperature select – select the perfect temperature for your drink. Great for making the perfect instant coffee or herbal tea, and saves energy too!
  • Beautiful brushed stainless steel finish and modern design
  • Easy to read illuminated water gauge
  • Large spout for easy and clean pouring
  • 1.7 litres – enough for 6 cups
  • 360 degree base – position for right or left handed use
  • 3 year warranty

Customer Feedback and Reviews

How well a kitchen gadget performs in the real world is, of course, vitally important. Having gathered all of the customer comments that we could, we found customer satisfaction levels very high with this kettle. In fact, this kettle has garnered the best customer opinions of any that we’ve looked at. 95% of people raved about it, rewarding it top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

There are so many great comments about the Multi Temp that it’s hard to know where to start!

Obviously this is a striking looking kettle, and that didn’t escape the notice of the people who bought it. Almost all the customer comments that we read praised how the device looks. We’d agree that this is the sleekest and most modern looking kettle on the market today.

Customers were happy to see that the stainless steel construction extends to the inside of the jug. There are no plastic parts exposed inside where the water boils; good news as plastic kettles have been known to taint the water with a plastic taste. That’s not going to happen with the Multi-Temp though.

The temperature control works well, and people actually found themselves using the lower heat settings quite a lot. Drinks like cup-a-soup, instant coffee, and herbal teas generally require slightly less-than-boiling water so the control is perfect for making up those.

Whilst the lowest setting is 85 degrees, people found that the control continues to show the temperature after boiling. This means that you can add cold water to get an even lower temperature if you want.

One of the nifty things about this device is that it beeps when the water is ready. The beep is easily heard from another room, so you can pop back into the kitchen and pour your tea when you hear it go off.

Speaking of pouring, customers also praised how well the large spout works. The water flows out of the kettle smoothly and the flow is nice and easy to control. There’s no dripping or mess either.

So was there anything bad about it?

There’s very little in the way of negative comments to report. There are two pretty minor things that were mentioned a few times.

First, it can be a little noisy whilst boiling. To be fair, that seems to be true of most kettles. Also, it boils very quickly so it’s not like you’ll have to put up with the sound for long. Definitely not a major problem.

Finally, the blue LED which illuminates the water gauge can’t be turned off. This does seem like an odd oversight, but again we don’t think it’s really that much of a big deal. Certainly not a problem that should put you off.

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The Cuisinart CPK17U is our favourite kettle on the market at the moment. It’s the best looking for sure, but it boils quickly and it’s a great little pourer too! Add in the handy temperature control and you’ve got yourself a winner. It is a tad pricey, but considering this is the best kettle around and it’s guaranteed for 3 full years, we don’t think you can go far wrong! Excellent kettle!

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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