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Breville Wake Cup VCF042 Review

Most Brits remember the Teasmade. They’re not so common these days, but the Breville Wake Cup (Wake Cup, Wake up – get it?!) is one option for people who fancy a nice cup of tea or coffee without even getting out of bed in the morning. Let’s take it for a spin and see if it’s any good.

The cool thing about the Wake Cup is that it’s suitable for couples. It can fill two cups at a time, so nobody has to miss out on a cup of tea in bed come the morning! However, if you just want one cup it can do that too.

The integrated alarm clock is what makes the magic happen. This is a simple digital alarm; the kind that we’re all used to these days. You can set it to wake you up with a nice hot drink, or you can set the alarm only for days when you don’t want to idle around in bed drinking tea!

The alarm also has a gradual wake up light, which is designed to simulate sunrise. The idea is that the light gradually gets brighter to wake you up gently, instead of jolting you awake with the alarm.

The machine has integrated storage for everything that you’ll need to make your hot drink. It has a tray for tea bags and spoons, and it also comes with a 350ml flask that you can store your milk in.

The cups sit on top of an easy clean drip tray, so there shouldn’t be any mess to deal with either (the last thing you want first thing in the morning)!

Another handy little feature is the battery failsafe. Throw a battery into the compartment, and the alarm will keep on going in the event of a power cut, so you won’t sleep in if you lose power during the night.

Breville Wake Cup VCF042 Features and Specifications

  • Wake up to 2 steaming hot cups of tea of coffee in the morning
  • Integrated alarm clock – automatically makes your tea in the morning
  • Gradual wake up light – wakes you up slowly and naturally
  • Easy clean drip tray
  • Integrated tea bag and spoon storage
  • 350ml flask included for storing milk
  • Battery fail safe – keeps the alarm going in the event of a power cut

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The idea of waking up to a hot cup of coffee sounds great, but it’s time to take a look at what customers have been saying about the Wake Cup. Does it perform as it should in the real world? We found that 85% of customers were happy and would recommend it. 70% gave this machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

So what did Breville get right with the Wake Cup?

First of all, the device is quite compact despite being big enough for two cups. A lot of customers seemed slightly worried it would take up too much room next to their bed, but it’s actually quite a nice compact machine that isn’t too intrusive at all.

People found it very easy to set up too. You simply position your cups, set the alarm, and then go to sleep! When the alarm goes off, it’ll begin to get your drink ready. At this point, the machine will take just 2 to 4 minutes to get your drink ready, depending on whether you’re using one or two cups.

Customers found the included milk flask to be handy, and well made. In other machines, you need to leave the milk in the cup before you go to sleep. The problem with this is that the milk tends to splash out when the hot water is poured. This doesn’t happen with the Wake Cup; simply grab your flask and add the milk in after the hot water has been poured.

The alarm is nice and loud, so you’re not going to sleep through it, although the tone wasn’t really to everyone’s taste. That said, how many people really like the sound of their alarm clock?!

Some customers were a bit skeptical of the gradual wake up light, saying that it was quite dim. On the plus side, this means it’s quite a nice relaxing light to have on while you sit up in bed and enjoy your drink.

All in all, the machine does a great job of waking you up with a hot drink of your choice.

There were a few issues reported, although we don’t think that any of them are all that serious.

Perhaps the biggest problem involves flushing through the machine before use. Quite a few customers reported a plastic taste to water after boiling during the first few weeks of use. The manual recommends flushing the machine through twice before use, however many people didn’t find this effective.

Having spoken to Breville customer support, people found an easy solution to this; using a simple descaling powder (available in any supermarket) when you flush out the machine gets rid of this problem completely.

One criticism, much more minor in nature, is that there is no mark on the drip tray to help you position the cups. This is a bit of an oversight, but a quick look at the nozzles will help you slide the cups in the right spot.

Overall, we’re pretty impressed with the Breville VCF042. It does a fine job of waking you up in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee. If this sounds like heaven to you, then the Wake Cup could well be the device for you! A great little machine, and one less thing to do in the morning!

  • Score: 4 stars

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