Philips Avance HR1871 Whole Fruit Juicer Review

Whilst Philips’ HR1861 was a best seller, we weren’t terribly impressed. Their new offering, the electric Philips HR1871 carries the endorsement of Jason Vale (the Juice Master himself!) so I’m quite excited to see if this new model offers improvements over the previous one. Let’s put it through it’s paces and find out.

Philips Avance HR1871 Juicer Review

This is certainly a stylish juicer. Its rounded body and brushed stainless steel look certainly sets it apart from the competition; it will look right at home in any modern kitchen. Underneath, the juicer has a fair amount of grunt too, with an 800 watt motor. It has 2 speeds, for soft or hard fruits and veg.

Philips seem to have listened to the criticisms about its previous juicer, and responded with a new design that directly addresses those problems.

One of the biggest criticisms with most juicers is that they are really hard to clean, with a lot of pulp collecting in the lid instead of the pulp container. Philips has fixed this problem with this model, the pulp container actually slots in directly underneath the mesh so that all pulp is collected. This seems to work really well, with very little pulp making its way into the lid.

Philips juicer hr1871 review

The Philips HR1871/00 is probably the easiest juicer to clean yet, and that’s mainly thanks to it’s shape. With a rounded pulp container and lid, there are no nooks and crannies for fruit bits to get wedged into. This means the various pieces are easily washed by rinsing under the tap. Philips claim that you can clean the machine in just 1 minute (a claim we intend to put to the test),

The feeding tube is big enough for whole fruits and veg, so there’s no need to chop before juicing. Philips claim this juicer will collect 10% more juice than the previous model, and that it can do up to 2.5 litres in one go. The spout also comes with a handy tap accessory that you can use to tap juice directly into a glass, or it also attaches to the included jug like most other juicers if that’s what you prefer. When you’re done, you can twist the tap to stop the flow and avoid any dripping.

Philips Avance HR1871 Specifications

  • 10% more juice – up to 2.5 litres of juice depending on fruit used
  • Unique rounded design – no nooks and crannies for fruit pulp to get stuck into
  • Very easy and quick to clean – rinse clean in 1 minute
  • Spout and tap accessory – tap into a jug or straight to the glass
  • Anti-drip spout
  • XXL Feeding tube – no need to cut up your fruits and veg

Customer Reviews Of Philips Avance HR1871

The Avance is a fairly new juicer, and as such there isn’t a huge amount of customer feedback available to go on. However the customer reviews that are available are overwhelmingly positive; 96% of people awarded the juicer 4 stars or higher. In fact, the vast majority if people gave it 5 stars, with 83% of people giving it the highest score possible. Let’s take a look at what people have been saying about this juicer.

The first thing that we noticed was that most reviews mentioned that, after juicing, they felt that the pulp was nice and dry. This is the first thing to look for in a juicer; you don’t want to be wasting precious juice. It seems that Philips’ claim that the machine collects 10% more juice than their previous model holds true. That’s not to say that the pulp isn’t slightly damp, but the Avance juicer seems to do as good a job as any centrifugal juicer around. One customer pointed out that they couldn’t squeeze out any further juice by hand. A good start.

In terms of how much juice you get, one customer had shown a video of him extracting 4 cups of juice from 3 apples and 2 pears.

So does the new design really stop the pulp from flying everywhere and collecting in the lid? Again, Philips seem to have hit on a good idea here – several customers posted videos showing the juicer after use and only a small amount of debris made it into the lid. All the the rest was captured in the pulp bin. Top marks so far!

How about cleaning? Well, all customers noted that the Philips H|R1871 juicer was indeed very easy to clean. The pulp scoops out of the pulp bin very easily, and with no nooks and crannies, all parts are nice and easy to rinse clean. Whilst the 1 minute cleaning claim is a bit of a stretch, most people said that it could easily be cleaned in just 2 or 3 minutes; a massive improvement over similar juicers. Another feather in its cap!

People generally loved the design, pointing out that it feels like a sturdy and high quality piece of kit. Whilst the brushed stainless steel look can attract fingerprints, most customers really liked the modern look. All the parts fit to together tightly, and there were no leaks reported whilst juicing.

We’ve been overwhelmed with positives while listening to what customers had to say about this juicer, and there have been very few negatives. In fact, the price is the only thing that people didn’t particularly like. However, since the Avance HR1871 juicer is now available for 25% off, the cost is getting better and better.

Personally, I’d rather pay an extra £50 and get the added benefits of the Avance  HR1871 juicer, than settle for the previous model and its many flaws. If you are looking for more of a budget price (perhaps you just want to give juicing a go before spending big money), you might want to take a look at the Andrew James Juicer which is very good, and available for a bargain price.

We love to the fact that Philips have listened to the criticisms about their previous juicer, and come up several unique innovations to address them in the Avance HR1871. This juicer is stylish, high quality, efficient, and it works really well. Top that off with a couple of simple, yet genuinely useful touches (such as the anti-drip tap and round pulp bin), and you’ve got yourself a wonderful juicer. The Philips HR1871 is a really impressive package.

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