Andrew James Professional Power Juicer Review

Andrew James Professional Power Juicer  review

Andrew James is a relatively new British company, which has earned a reputation in recent years for their stylish range of small kitchen appliances. Indeed, we’ve been suitably impressed with their kitchen gadgets here at Kitchenables. Today we’re looking at the Andrew James Professional Power Juicer, a centrifugal machine which is available for under £50! Comparable juicers are twice the price, so we’re very interested to see if the this one can hold its own.

The juicer can deal with fruits or vegetables that are up to 75mm in diameter. As a centrifugal juicer, it can deal with whole fruits or vegetables, which makes it more convenient to make juice. There’s no need to bother chopping first, you can simply throw your fruit and veg into the machine and it will do all the work.

A centrifugal juice works by first chopping up the fruit or veg, and then spinning it at high speed in order to separate the juice from the pulp. The juice is collected in the jug that comes with the juicer, whilst the pulp automatically goes into the included 2 litre pulp bin so that no mess is made. A great little tip is to line the pulp bin with a freezer bag, so it can easily be removed when the juicer is finished.

The device has a powerful 850 watt motor, which they claim is quieter than comparable juicers on the market. The motor has 2 speeds, 15,000rpm and 18,000rpm, which can be selected as required for juicing hard or soft fruits and veg. Despite the high power, the vibration isn’t going to cause the juicer to move around when in use. The bottom of the juicer has powerful suction cups which mean that the juicer is going to hold firm to the kitchen surface it is resting on; the motor isn’t going to shake it off the counter and onto the floor!

As with most Andrew James products, this machine has an attractive and modern design with a stainless steel finish, making it easy to wipe clean when finished. The juicer is easy to dismantle and clean after juicing too; all of the non-mechanical parts are dishwasher safe.

The included jug has a handy feature too. As you pour it filters out the foam that comes along when juicing things like apples. A simple but welcome touch which sets this machine apart.

We found that most juicers were cheapest at, including the Andrew James Power Juicer which is currently available for 70% off.

Andrew James Professional Power Juicer Features and Specifications

  • Whole fruit juicer – no need to chop
  • Powerful 850 watt motor – variable speeds 15,000rpm or 18,000rpm
  • Attractive stainless steel finish
  • Filter jug included
  • 2 Litre Pulp Bin – no mess
  • Easy to dismantle and clean – most parts are dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews of Andrew James Professional Juicer

We think that its important to check whether a kitchen gadget is hitting the right note with customers. Use in the real world often turns up problems that might otherwise be missed. So is the Andrew James juicer a hit with customers? It certainly appears to be; over 92% of customers rated this juicer with 3 stars or higher. In fact, 76% were extremely happy and full of praise for this gadget; awarding 4 or 5 stars. So what did people like about it?

First off, it’s a bargain price. At it’s current price, the machine is more than half the price of its closest competitor. We all love to make a saving, but since juicers can be particularly expensive devices it’s all the more welcome here. The price is low enough that people who used to see a juicer as a luxury item, were tempted to get in on healthy juicing, and that’s a great thing to see. The majority of customers were very happy with the cost of this juicer.

People also found that, after the first go, the juicer was very easy to take apart. Whilst that might not seem like the most exciting of features, it’s quite important as it’s generally recommended to give your juicer a clean immediately after use. Cleaning it straight away doesn’t give the excess pulp a chance to dry out and harden, which only makes it harder to clean! Being able to quickly whip out the parts that need a rinse is crucial.

It’s a well made and sturdy machine. People generally liked the design, and felt that it fit into modern kitchens nicely. Although the motor is powerful, customers found the suction cups on the bottom did a very good job of holding the juicer still. Another nice little design touch that people appreciated was the filtering jug, which separates out the foam when you’re pouring your freshly made juice.

There weren’t many complaints about the juicer at all. The most obvious problem, is that a lot of people mentioned that the pulp does come out quite wet, which means that the juicer is discarding precious juice. Even a lot of people who gave the juicer a glowing review mentioned this, but felt that it didn’t sour their opinion of the device, as they found it easy and quick to put the pulp through the machine one more time to get the excess juice.

To us, the price of the juicer mitigates this problem. This is the cheapest juicer of its power available, so we think that having to put the pulp through to get the rest of the juice is an acceptable sacrifice (it only takes 3 minutes). However, if you think this will be a problem for you then you’d be better advised to pick up a more expensive juicer such as the Philips Avance HR1871. For the sake of the great savings, we think the the machine performs well within expectations.

The Andrew James Power Juicer is a solid, attractive and well made device. For the price, it more than meets expectations and has a few little creative flourishes that even more expensive juicers lack.

Granted, more expensive juicers are more efficient at collecting juice on the first run, but at this price the Andrew James Juicer definitely meets expectations. We think this bargain juicer would suit down to the ground anyone who wants to give juicing a try without spending a fortune.

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