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Gaggia RI9101/08 Gelatiera Review

Gaggia are an Italian company that have been making professional small kitchen appliances since 1948. Today we’re taking a look at their ice cream maker; the Gaggia Gelatiera. We’ve got high hopes for this one; let’s face it, who could possibly be a better choice to help you make ice cream than a traditional Italian company! Let’s dive in an take a look!

As with other ice cream makers in its class, this one has a built-in chiller. This means that you don’t need to freeze the bowl for 12 hours before you start making your ice cream; simply whip up your ingredients, chill, and let the ice cream maker do all the work. If you want the flexibility to make ice cream as and when you want it, or you don’t have enough space in your freezer for ice cream maker bowls then this machine is what you’re looking for.

The Gaggia Gelatiera can whip up 1.4 litres of ice cream at a time, which is more than enough for 4 to 6 people. However if you do want to make more than this, the Gelatiera has a unique feature to help.

It comes with two bowls; a fixed one and a removable one. If you need more than one batch then simply make double the mixture and prepare the first 1.4 litres of ice cream in the removable bowl. When the first batch is finished, take out the removable bowl and you can freeze the second batch straight away in the fixed bowl. A total of 2.8 litres of ice cream, which should be plenty to satisfy even the hungriest of families!

Each batch of ice cream takes between 20 and 30 minutes to prepare. If you prefer your ice cream a bit harder, you can simply add a few more minutes to the timer when done. The stirring paddle will automatically stop once the maximum thickness has been reached, so you don’t need to worry about overdoing it and breaking the machine.

Being an Italian company, you’d imagine that the Gaggia RI9101 Ice Cream Maker manual might include a few recipes for real Italian ice cream, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, the manual is packed with over 30 recipes for everything from traditional ice cream to long frozen drinks.

One point to note, is that when using the removable bowl (which you’ll probably want to on most occasions for easy cleaning), a little alcohol is required. This simply goes on the outside of the removable bowl (not into the ice cream) in order to prevent the fixed bowl and removable bowl from freezing together. A little rubbing alcohol (available from any Pharmacist) is all that is needed, or failing that then 50ml of vodka should do the trick.

The machine is sturdy and well built, and prepares ice cream quite a bit faster than other ice cream makers. It comes with a 2 year warranty also.

Gaggia RI9101 Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Features and Specifications

  • Built-in chiller – no reason to freeze the bowl – ice cream when you want it
  • Fixed and removable bowls for a total of 2.4 litres of delicious homemade ice cream
  • Homemade ice cream in 20 to 30 minutes (faster than other ice cream makers)
  • Recipe packed manual to get you started
  • 2 year guarantee

Gaggia Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker Customer Reviews and Feedback

This is quite an expensive machine, and as such there isn’t a huge amount of customer feedback or indeed reviews available online. However, the customer feedback that is available is excellent; in fact, we weren’t able to find one negative review of this ice cream maker at all. That’s right, 100% of customers who left their feedback, gave this machine 4 or 5 stars!

So what exactly did they like about it? Namely, the ice cream!

Every single review that we found was from a happy customer who was thrilled with the quality, quantity and consistency of the ice cream that they made. Several people mentioned that they’d never tasted better anywhere, including in Italy!

As well as being pleased with the results, people were very impressed with both the simplicity and speed of the machine. One happy customer reported that, reducing the recipes meant that you could have enough fresh ice cream for two people ready within 10 minutes flat! Generally, other ice cream makers can take 40 minutes to finish preparing the ice cream, so the Gaggia is quite a lot faster than competitors.

It was also reported by quite a few customers that the machine is sturdy, well-made and solid; it feels like a quality machine that is going to last.

There was almost nothing negative; people were really happy with their ice cream! One thing that a couple of people mentioned, was that the stirring paddle was quite difficult to remove from the ice cream when the machine is finished. It seems that you’re going to end up with ice cream all over your hands, but to us that’s an added bonus – it means you get to lick it off!

It’s worth mentioning that, as with a lot of ice cream makers, this one can be a bit noisy. Unfortunately, there aren’t really any whisper quiet ice cream makers available, so this isn’t a problem that is only exhitied in this machine. The Gelatiera does make your ice cream faster though, so you won’t need to have it switched on as long as other machines.

If you’re looking for the absolute best ice cream maker, then this is probably it. Ice cream lovers are agreed; the Gaggia Gelatiera RI19091/08 makes perfect ice cream that you’re not going to be able to get enough of. The machine is pricy, though, so we’d certainly expect the best given the cost. In terms of value, we still recommend a cheaper ice cream maker with freezable bowls, however it can’t be denied that the Gelatiera makes superior ice cream. If you want a professional machine for the home, and you’re prepared to spend a bit of money to get it, then this is the one to go for. Top marks: this is probably the best ice cream maker that you can lay your hands on!

  • Score: 5 stars

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