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Andrew James Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker Review

We’ve already taken a look at the freezable-bowl style ice cream machine from Andrew James are were fairly impressed. It was cheap, but customers sang its praises and loved the ice cream it produced. So today, we’re looking forward to taking a close look at the Andrew James Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker (I wish they’d shorten their names)! This is a high-end automatic ice cream maker, similar to the Cuisinart ICE50BCU which of course means that there is no pre-freezing of the bowl required!

This is because the Andrew James Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker has a built-in compressor; it can freeze the ice cream on its own, without having to rely on your freezer to get the bowl to the right temperature. All you need to do is supply the mixture, set the timer, and it will do the rest. This machine will serve up homemade ice cream in under 60 minutes. All you need to do to is add any extra ingredients towards the end (such as cookies, nuts or fruit), through the ingredients window in the lid.

Andrew James say that this machine has a particularly strong motor which drives a powerful mixing mechanism. When it comes to ice cream making, the more power the machine can provide the better, as the stirring paddle can often get stuck as the ice cream at the sides begins to freeze. We’ll be putting it to the test a little later.

This fully automatic ice cream maker has a sleek design, and is finished to a high standard using stainless steel. It’ll fit nicely in any modern kitchen, and does has an attractive and professional look about it. Of course, the stainless steel casing means that it’ll be nice and easy to wipe down and keep sparkling too.

The machine comes with a non-stick bowl, which can make up to 1.5 litres of ice cream. This should be plenty to serve a family of four. The bowl is completely removable, so when you’ve finished making your ice cream the washing up shouldn’t be too much of problem!

This machine has one or two functions that you won’t find in other models too.

Rather than the standard timer dial that you’d expect to see on a normal ice cream maker, the this one comes with a built-in digital control panel. Using a built-in LCD screen, the control panel can let you know the internal temperature of the machine, which is great for making sure that it’s cold enough to begin with. Also, the screen will show how long is left until the ice cream is ready; this means you can check it quickly before leaving the room so that you don’t leave the ice cream standing for too long if it’s almost ready.

Even if the program ends, and the ice cream is ready when you’re not in the kitchen there still won’t be a problem. This machine also includes an innovative “extended cooling function”. If you’re not around when the ice cream is finished churning, the machine will keep it nice and cool, and prevent it from melting until you return. A simple idea, but something that no other machine offers. This gives you a little more flexibility when you want to make ice cream.

Also included in the package is a free 128 page ice cream recipe book, “Ice Cream Made Easy” by Annette Yates, which should give you plenty of recipes to be getting started with!

Andrew James Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker Features and Specifications

  • Built-in compressor – fully automatic, no need to freeze the bowl in advance
  • Strong motor and powerful mixing mechanism
  • Sleek stainless steel design
  • 1.5 litre bowl – provides enough ice cream for a family of 4
  • Digital control panel – check the machine is cold enough and how long is left before your ice cream is ready
  • “Extended cooling” feature – keeps your ice cream from melting if you’re not around when the machine finishes

Customer Reviews and Feedback

It’s time to take a look at what you ice cream fanatics thought of the machine! As with the other expensive automatic ice cream makers on the market, there are less reviews available online of this model than the cheaper version. However, the reviews that are available are excellent; 96% of customers left this machine a 3 star review or higher. In fact, 83% gave this ice cream maker the highest rating of 5 stars.

First of all, we noticed that most reviews mentioned that this is a well made product. People generally loved the design and the stainless steel construction, finding it sturdy and durable. One lady kept it out on the side in her kitchen permanently, “in pride of place”! It seems this is going to be a dependable addition to the kitchen gadgets collection!

Although most people agree that it takes around 50 minutes, almost every reviewer absolutely loved the ice cream that the machine makes. As with all home ice cream machines, this one makes soft-style ice cream, which is simply thrown in the freezer for an hour if you prefer a harder consistency (that’s if you can resist eating it straight away)! People liked the fact that a recipe book was thrown in, but several people preferred to buy the excellent Ben and Jerry’s recipe book also.

One great thing about this machine, is that a lot of customers specifically mentioned how quiet it is. If you’re familiar with ice cream makers, you’ll know that this is something of a rarity (some models from other manufacturers have a reputation for being irritatingly loud). The Andrew James Professional, on the other hand, was reported to be barely audible once switched on, and that is a definite feather in it’s cap!

We can safely say that people loved the design, and felt that it was a high-quality and well made product.

On the negative side, there is hardly anything to report! The only negative review was left because the customer had received a faulty machine (which unfortunately is going to happen from time to time, it’s unavoidable). Still, the reviewer stated that Andrew James customer service were a pleasure to deal with and sorted out the problem with no fuss, so he still had a relatively happy experience!

One thing that almost every review mentioned, was that the window for adding ingredients is too small. The the thing about ice cream, is that everyone wants to add whopping great chunks of chocolate or cookies to the mix. It could do with being bigger, for sure, but since every customer who mentioned this still gave the machine 4 or 5 stars, I think we can safely say that they weren’t holding the small hole against it!

Of the fully automatic makers that we’ve taken a look at, the Andrew James Professional Fully Automatic Ice Cream Maker is definitely on par with the rival Cuisinart ICE50BCU.

In fact, there isn’t a lot to pick apart from the two; both make pleasing ice cream, are well designed, sturdy and simple. However, this model gains points for consistently proving to be a very quiet machine. It’s also a little bit cheaper than the ICE50, so we’d say go for the Andrew James Fully Automatic, and use the extra money for the Ben and Jerry’s Recipe Book!

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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