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Philips HR7774 Review

We’re looking at a Philips processor today, from their Pure Essentials collection; the Philips HR7774.

The Pure Essentials HR7774/90 stands up to the most powerful of processors on the market. Its built in 1000w motor should provide the raw power you need for any household chopping task, as well as providing plenty of elbow grease for tasks like kneading dough. You can even crush ice with this machine, a function which quite a lot of other processors lack.

With over 30 functions, you won’t struggle to think of jobs to turn this machine on for. As well as the usual range of attachments, the machine comes with a unique adjustable chopping blade which allows you to adjust for slices between 1mm and 7mm thick.

Also included are attachments for kneading, medium/fine shredding and grating, as well as beating and whisking. There’s a citrus press for juicing, and 1.5 litre liquidiser that you can using for blending and whipping up soups, milkshakes and smoothies.

The bowl included with this processor is one of the biggest that we’ve seen; the generous 3.4 litres it provides should give you plenty of scope for home use, even for larger families. Philips say that you can fit up to 7 portions into this XL sized bowl.

As well as a big bowl, the lid has an extra large feeding tube which you can use to add whole fruits and vegetables to the bowl.

To round things off, everything is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Philips HR7774 which is currently available for 21% off.

Philips HR7774 Food Processor Features and Specifications

  • XL 3.4 litre bowl – plenty of space for family use (fits up to 7 portions at once)
  • XL Feeding Tube – fits whole fruits and veg
  • 1000 watt motor – Plenty of power for everything from chopping to kneading
  • Multi-function – 30+ Functions – chopping, shredding, beating, whisking, juicing
  • Adjustable slicer – choose thickness between 1mm and 7mm
  • 1.5 litre liquidiser – no need for separate blender. Whip up soups, milkshakes and smoothies

Customer Feedback and Reviews

People had plenty of good things to say about this processor! 93% of customers were happy with their purchase. In fact, 85% of customers awarded the machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars. Let’s find out what people have been saying about it.

First of all, there is no shortage of space. People liked the extra large 3.4 litre bowl, and the XL feeding tube too. This device is ideal for family use, unlike some other compact food processors that are available.

Customers also reported that the processor is extremely effective and powerful. It chops everything with ease, and in a matter of seconds, so most of the time you’ll want to use the pulse function so you don’t overdo it.

People had been using the processor for a wide range of tasks. They’d done everything from hummus, chopping veg, shedding lettuce, grating cheese, to making cake mix, pastry and soups. The blades are also great at crushing ice; a sure sign of power.

Quite a few people mentioned that they found the adjustable slicer very handy. This is definitely a welcome addition; I’m not quite sure why nobody has ever thought of it before! Instead of supplying a number of superfluous attachments that clutter up your cupboards, you can get all the different thicknesses that you desire with just one!

What didn’t people like? Well, there’s not a lot to report there. One of the things that people weren’t particularly enamoured of was the design. Granted, it’s not exactly a good looking machine, and it’s little on the big side. But we’re willing to overlook that as it’s a very hard worker!

The other thing that a few customers mentioned, is that the suction cup feet aren’t that strong. The powerful motor can sometimes make the processor a little unstable, but this is going to happen on the majority of tasks. it just means that, when kneading dough, you might sometimes need to steady the machine with a hand. Only a few customers mentioned this though, so it doesn’t seem like a widespread problem.

Finally, whilst it performs the functions that it does extremely well, it’s not quite as versatile as other processors around. It lacks a grinder and a centrifugal juicer, but we think that these are perhaps specialist functions that not many people actually use. Therefore we’re not counting it too heavily against this great machine.

The Philips HR7774 isn’t exactly elegant, but it’s a powerful and dependable workhorse of a food processor that should make short work of anything that you throw at it. Also, the extra large feeding tube and adjustable chopper are unique and handy additions that you won’t find anywhere else. Recommended.

  • Score: 4 stars

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