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Magimix 5200 White Review

We’ve already covered the Magimix 4200 and 3200, both of which were powerful, quiet, and down-right fantastic, and there’s only one Magmix model left to look at; the Magimix 5200. Let’s take a quick look.

This machine is almost identical to the small and cheaper models in the range, so if you want to get the full low down then you might want to check out our reviews. So what extra does the 5200 have to offer?

The first and most obvious thing is size and capacity. The 3 bowls that come with the machine are 1.2 litres, 2.6 litres, and 3.6 litres in size, making it the perfect size for large families.

Being a bit bigger, the device also gets a little bit of extra power under the hood. The motor in this model is 1100w, making this food processor perhaps the most powerful home machine on the market today. As with the other models, this is a commercial-grade motor that comes with a whopping 12 year guarantee!

Finally, an additional attachment is provided in the form of a juice extractor; handy for juicing all manner of fruits and veg. A citrus press is also provided for juicing oranges, lemons and the like.

Included in the box are all the accessories you’ll need: stainless steel blade, dough blade, geared whisk, 2mm slicing/grating disc, 4mm slicing/grating disc and parmesan disc. Also included is a BlenderMix attachment for turning the processor into an efficient and powerful blender. This allows you to whip up soups, milkshakes, and smoothies.

Finally, you’ll get a handy storage unit which keeps all the accessories and attachments boxed up together, so you don’t have them all cluttering your cupboards or drawers.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at amazon.co.uk, including the Magimix 5200 which is currently available for 21% off.

Magimix 5200 Food Processor Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 1100w motor – comes with a generous 12 year guarantee!
  • 3 bowls included – small 1.2 litre bowl, medium 2.6 litre bowl, large 3.6 litre bowl
  • Perfect for large families
  • Juice extractor attachment included for juicing fruits and veg
  • Versatile – Stainless steel blade, dough blade, geared whisk, 2mm slicing/grating disc, 4mm slicing/grating disc, citrus press, parmesan disc
  • BlenderMix attachment turns your processor into a blender – make smoothies, milkshakes and soups
  • Handy storage box contains all accessories – less clutter for your cupboards and drawers!

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We’ve seen really high levels of customer satisfaction with other Magimix food processors (people just love them) so we were expecting to see something very similar with the 5200. Before we continue, it’s worth noting that there were very many customer opinions available (this is the most expensive Magimix processor, so sells less than the other models). However what we discovered was a bit of a departure from other Magimix models; of all the opinions we collected, 72% of customers were happy.

Whilst this is still the majority of customers, this is a significant difference from the near 100% satisfaction rate amongst other Magimix food processors.

All of the unhappy customers were complaining about the same thing. The spindle which holds the blade onto the base of the processor kept breaking, meaning that the motor could not turn the blades. These people had replaced the spindle, and the problem occurred again.

We can’t shed any light on why this might have happened for these customers. Some of them speculated that the plastic that the spindle is constructed from isn’t strong enough to cope with the power of the motor. This seems a credible theory, after all the motor does pack a powerful punch.

We should say that the majority of customers didn’t experience this problem, and were thrilled with their processor. As with the smaller versions, it looks great, is well made and sturdily constructed, have a super-quiet motor and processes food really quickly and efficiently.

We’re not recommending the Magimix 5200. Yes, the majority of people loved it, but we’re slightly concerned about the spindle problem that several people experienced.

  • Score: 2 stars

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