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Magimix 3200 Food Processor White Review

We were very impressed with the Magimix 4200 that we recently took a look at, and today we’re going to size up and compare it to its smaller cousin: the Magimix 3200.

The 3200 is almost identical to the 4200, so you might want to check out our review of that model too. So what is the difference?

First of all, the motor at the heart of the machine is 650w, rather than the more powerful 950w motor that comes with the 4200. However, since this processor is reduced in size, the 650w motor should still provide more than enough elbow grease (more on that later). This commercial grade motor is still backed by an amazing 12 year guarantee, so Magimix has you covered for quite some time!

The other obvious difference is the capacity. This is a smaller device with a smaller capacity. It comes with 3 bowls; a mini 1.2 litre bowl, a medium 2.2 litre bowl, and 2.6 litre bowl. This is a great size for a family of up to 3 (or people with less kitchen space), however people with larger families will probably want to look at the 4200 instead.

The other differences are minor. There is no citrus press included with this model, and the feed tube isn’t extra large either.

Everything else is identical. It has the same sleek modern design, and clean white finish. Operation is just as easy too: 3 buttons do it all – on, off and pulse.

Included in the box are the usual array of attachments; a stainless steel sabatier cutting blade, dough blade, multi gear whisk, 2mm slicing/grating disc, 4mm slicing/grating disc, and parmesan disc. Also included is a BlenderMix attachment, which turns the processor into an efficient blender for whipping up smoothies, soups and milkshakes.

One of the handy things about Magimix food processors is that they come with a storage box which contains all of the accessories and attachments. This means you won’t have to clutter up the cupboards!

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Magimix 3200 which is currently available for 10% off.

Magimix 3200 Food Processor Features and Specifications

  • Commercial grade 650w motor – comes with a 12 year guarantee!
  • Modern mininal design – clean white finish
  • 3 bowls included – mini 1.2 litre bowl, medium 2.2 litre bowl, and large 2.6 litre bowl – great for families of 2 or 3
  • BlenderMix attachment turns processor into a blender – whip up smoothies, milkshakes, and soups
  • Storage box solution contains all the attachments so you don’t have to clutter up your cupboards

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We were expecting the Magimix 3200 to go down very well with customers, and we were right! After collecting together all of the customer comments that we could, we were unable to find a single negative one. Yes, 100% of customers loved this machine! All of the good points of the larger Magimix models shined through with this model also.

First off, it’s very very well made. One customer said that you could tell the superior quality as you are taking it out of the box! This machine is sturdy, well built and feels like it’s going to last. The bowls were also praised as strong and well made too, which is an all too uncommon thing in modern food processors.

The machine has a nice long 3 year warranty, and as I’ve already mentioned, the motor is under guarantee for 12 long years! This is one kitchen gadget that you should get plenty of service out of!

The great thing about this model is that it’s a bit more compact, taking up less space on your worktop than the larger models, and several customers with smaller kitchens appreciated this.

People loved the looks too; it is a nice looking device. This is definitely a plus, as the 3200 is quite heavy, so you’ll probably want to leave it out on the worktop permanently.

Customers reported that the motor didn’t flinch at anything, despite not being quite as powerful as others on the market; it chops, slices, grates, kneads, whisks and blends just as well as the more expensive Magimix models. It’s nice and quiet too – a thankful change for the usual roar that food processors tend to produce!

The Magimix 3200 is every bit as efficient, well made, quiet and great looking as the more expensive 4200. If you’re a family of up to three, you might want to save yourself a little money and consider this model (check at the top of the page for the best deal). Another extremely good processor from Magimix!

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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