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Kenwood FP950 Multi Pro Libra Review

We’ve worked our way through pretty much every model in Kenwood’s extensive range of food processors, and we’ve almost reached the top of the pile! The Multi Pro Libra FP950 is one of Kenwood’s top of the range models, so we’re going into this very high hopes!

So what does this processor have to justify the price?

Well, the interesting thing is that it has a built-in weighing scale. You can slide the included weighing tray onto the machine, instead of the bowl, and use it as an electronic scale to weigh out your ingredients. If you’re going to be processing, then you can also weigh out your ingredients straight out into the bowl too.

This is a pretty unique feature, which means that you can get rid of your separate kitchen scales, and save yourself a bit of space.

As you’d expect from a processor of this price, the internal motor is a powerful one. At 1000 watts, it should have plenty of grunt with which to perform any kitchen task that you’re going to throw at it.

Indeed, the included attachments will allow you to do any chopping task you could imagine, and more besides. Included are tools for thick and fine slicing/shredding, grating, chopping, blending, cutting julienne, and grinding. Whisking and dough kneading tools are also provided.

The machine comes with a 3 litre bowl, which is good size for family use, and also a 1.5 litre liquidiser that you can use to whip up milkshakes, smoothies or soups. In this model, the liquidiser is made from glass, so it’s nice and durable too.

It’s not too huge for a food processor, with a compact upright footprint and a storage carousel which contains some of the attachments. It also has cord storage in the base.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood FP950 which is currently available for 40% off.

Kenwood MultiPro Libra FP950 Features and Specifications

  • Built-in digital weighing scales – use as a set of scales, or even weight out ingredients directly into the bowl
  • High quality brushed aluminium finish
  • 3 Litre Bowl – big enough for family use
  • 1.5 litre glass liquidiser – make smoothies, milkshakes and soups
  • Attachments for every task from chopping, slicing and grating to whisking and kneading

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Considering this is a top-end food processor, that will set you back over £120, we were surprised to see that only 59% of customers were happy. This is easily the lowest rate of customer satisfaction that we’ve seen with any food processor, and is a strong indicator that something is wrong here.

We’ll take a quick look at what people did like first.

The people who left a positive review liked the things that you’d expect; the FP950 does a good job of all those tasks that take such a long time to do by hand. Customers had chopped onions and tomatoes, kneaded dough, mixed up cake mixture, and made pastry, burger mix, soups, smoothies and a range of other things. No problems here when it comes to chopping then!

The device looks good too, and the design is nice and compact (for a food processor).

The main complaint seemed to be the build quality. Whilst people generally loved the ideas that Kenwood have come up with for this model, almost all the unhappy customers said that these ideas were badly realised in the finished product.

It was commonly suggested that, although the base and bowls are sturdy enough, the attachments feel flimsy and badly made. There weren’t any reported breakages, but at this price we’d expect every piece of the kit to feel solid and well made, but sadly this is not the case.

Even more serious, is a problem that a number of people reported with the mill attachment. It seems that the rubber seal sometimes gets caught on the blades, leaving it ripped to shreds. In some cases, customer said that the seal had been ruined after just a few uses. Not good.

Whilst everyone loved the idea of having a built-in digital scale, in practice people weren’t so happy with it. It’s extremely sensitive, which makes it very difficult to get an accurate reading. Its level of precision is to the nearest 2 grams, which also isn’t particularly impressive when you can buy a separate scale for £10 that is more precise!

As with other Kenwood processors, the standard complaint about the spindle which lifts with the bowl and then drops off onto the work surface was present. We expected this, and Kenwood really do need to find a solution.

Finally, whilst the cord storage is touted as a feature, really it is a simply a hole that you need to manual feed the wire through. It doesn’t automatically retract. Again, for a top-end machine this is simply not the quality that we’d expect. After all, a hole isn’t really much of a feature is it!

We really wanted to like the Kenwood FP950 as we thought the built-in scale was a brilliant touch. Quite rightly, people expect a lot when they’re paying this amount of money for something, and the Libra Multi-Pro FP950 just doesn’t deliver. The build quality, along with the niggles that we mentioned, mean that this machine just isn’t going to impress after you’ve forked out over £120. One to avoid, we’re afraid.

  • Score: 1 stars

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