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Kenwood FP920 Multi Pro 3 Litre Review

When it comes to the highest rated food processors the two biggest concerns are bowl size and power. At first glance the Kenwood FP920 Multi Pro appears to have both at its disposal! As perhaps the best selling device around, we’ve got high hopes for the FP920. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at see how good it is.

The main thing to consider with food processors is that they’re powerful enough to chop anything that you throw at them. With a 1000 watt motor underneath the hood, this machine sounds like it has plenty of grunt to get the job done; we’ll be having a look at how it gets on later.

Apart from the power, the size of the bowl is also quite important. Some cheaper processors come with only a small bowl, which means they’re quite useless for a lot of tasks. This isn’t the case with this one; the included 3 litre bowl is going to provide ample space for every imaginable task. You’ll be able to do everything from soups and milkshakes, to curry pastes, dips, breadcrumbs and even dough for bread making.

One of the great things about this processor is its looks and size. First off, the body is made of die cast metal with a brushed finish. This gives it a sleek modern look which will fit right into any kitchen; it’s definitely the best looking food processor around. Not only that, but Kenwood’s patented “Dual Drive” system means that they’ve packed the powerful motor into a small package; despite the large bowl the machine isn’t too huge.

Another cool thing about this food processor is the included 1.5 litre glass liquidiser. You can get rid of the 3 litre bowl and place this tall blender-like container onto the base instead. This means you can easily blend soups and milkshakes too, which are things that food processors usually struggle with. This eliminates the need for a separate blender.

Despite coming with a huge amount of attachments that do everything from julienne to grating, the included “Kenstore” storage system means that all the accessories are easily stored away, each having its place within the bowl.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood FP920 which is currently available for 50% off.

Kenwood FP920 Multi Pro Food Processor Features and Specifications

  • 1000 Watt Motor – powerful enough for all jobs
  • 3 litre bowl – large capacity
  • 1.5 litre glass liquidiser – great for making soups and milkshakes
  • Stylish die cast metal body with brushed finish
  • Kenstore Storage System – accessories fit neatly inside
  • Attachments for whisking, shredding, slicing, grating, julienne, rasping
  • Make everything from soups and milkshakes, to curry pastes, dips, breadcrumbs and even bread dough

Customer Feedback and Reviews

As usual, no review would be complete with a good look at what customers have been saying about this food processor. This has been a best seller online, so there are no shortage of customer comments to dive into! We found that 86% of customers were happy with this machine. 74% were extremely happy, awarding 4 or 5 stars. So what did people like it?

First off, people did like the stylish design of this machine. It is a bit of a breath of fresh air, as food processors do tend to be plasticy, bulky and ugly. This device, on the other hand, looks modern and stylish, has a small footprint (for a food processor at least) and would look the part in any kitchen. People said that it’s well made and, despite the powerful motor, holds quite still on the worktop due to the suction feet on the bottom.

Looks are one thing, but they aren’t going to help when it comes to chopping. Fortunately, all of those satisfied customers said that this processor does a fine job of cutting, chopping, shredding, grating and anything you’d care to do with a food processor!

There were customers reporting great success with chopping onions (saving bags of time), kneading bread dough, cutting up carrots julienne, and even grinding coffee beans. So it seems with its powerful motor, and multitude of cutting accessories, this food processor is no slouch at cutting.

The liquidiser was well received too, with many comments noting its solid finish, people were loving their homemade soups (and the kids were loving the homemade milkshakes)!

People also like the storage system, and while it doesn’t contain every single bit that comes with the machine, it does do a pretty good job of containing as many elements as possible so you don’t have them cluttering up your cupboards. A couple of people said it felt a little like a jigsaw puzzle, but once you know where everything goes it’s quite quick and simple to throw everything into the storage unit.

The one negative was the fact that the removable spindle (which the cutting accessories pop onto) tends to come out with the bowl when you remove it, and then fall from the bowl. Quite a lot of people mentioned this, although the majority were still happy with the processor as this is simply a minor inconvenience.

Another downside is that this model no longer comes with a citrus press juicer. It appears that previous models had included this accessory, but the model now being sold does not. To be fair though, juicing is really better done with a dedicated machine to make it worthwhile, so we’re not going to hold this against the machine.

All in all, the Kenwood FP920 is a great food processor. It’s nice looking, compact, well made, and a powerful performer. It’s versatile too, so with so many jobs you could put it to work on, it’s bound to save you a lot of time in the kitchen. A great food processor.

  • Score: 4 stars

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