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Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro White Review

You’d be forgiven for finding it hard to choose between the different Kenwood food processors for sale, there are simply so many different models! But that’s why we’re here! Today we’re taking a look at the Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro ; one of the cheapest models on the market. Let’s see how well it shapes up.

This model is a very similar to the Kenwood FP736, which we’ve already reviewed. So what are the differences?

Well, the answer to that question is, not very much! As far as we can see, the main difference is the colour; this machine comes in white with a plastic finish as opposed to the silver coloured plastic finish of the FP736. In terms of the price though, this one is around 10% cheaper, which of course is great news.

The motor at the heart of this food processor is a powerful 1000 watt model with variable speed and pulse control; plenty of power to perform all the chopping, mixing and grating tasks required in any kitchen. Like other multipro processors, it includes Kenwood’s patented Dual Drive system, which simply means that they can pack this powerful motor into a smaller body; 37% more compact than most food processors.

The 3 litre bowl that is included is large enough for family use, and the machine also comes with a 15 litre liquidiser attachment. This allows you to turn the machine into a blender for whipping up soups, milkshakes and smoothies.

It has all the attachments and accessories that you could possibly need: a stainless steel chopping blade, thick slice/shred disc, fine slice/shred disc, julienne disc, dought tool, twin-geared disc, multi-mill, and maxi blend canopy.

Also included with the FP731 is a Kenstore carousel, which provides handy storage for a lot of the accessories.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood FP731 which is currently available for 25% off.

Kewood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 1000w motor – strong enough for most kitchen tasks
  • Dual drive system – compact space-saving design, 37% smaller than other food processors
  • 3 litre bowl – big enough for family use
  • 1.5 litre liquidiser – whip up soups, milkshakes and smoothies
  • Versatile – all the attachments that you could ever need

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Since this processor is so similar to the FP736 which we’ve already reviewed, we’ve already got a pretty good idea of what to expect. 96% of customers were happy with this machine, with 81% giving it a top marks; 4 or 5 stars.

Of course, one of the best things about this food processor is its price. This is the reason why a lot of people went for it in the first place; it is great value for money. Even at this cheap price, it is still extremely versatile; people were using it to do ordinary chopping and slicing, as well as grinding coffee, making cake mix and dough for bread.

The device looks good too. The minimal design lends itself well to the white colour of the finish, and the machine wouldn’t look out of place on any kitchen worktop. The design was appreciated by a lot of customers who left feedback.

With the powerful 1000w motor, the machine chops, slices and cuts well too. As already noted, customers have been putting the processor to a wide variety of uses.

The downsides with this model revolve around the build quality. Quite a few customers mentioned that they found the whisk attachment flimsy, for example. The good news though, is that we’ve read many customer comments and have seen no reported breakages.

Although the dual drive system does a good job of reducing the size of the machine, it isn’t without its downsides. The main problem is the fact that the central spindle that holds the processor attachments is removable. When you lift the bowl after use, the spindle often lifts from the base with the bowl, and then drops off onto the work surface. It’s just a minor niggle though, rather than a fatal flaw.

The Kenwood FP731 is versatile and much cheaper than other food processors on the market. Whilst it’s not as good as a more expensive model such as the Kenwood FP920, it’s a great processor for occasional use, or for people who don’t want to break the bank to get hold of one!

  • Score: 3 stars

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