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Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper 300 Watt Review

Today we’re taking a look at one of Delia Smith’s “cheat gadgets”, the Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper. This isn’t a full blown food processor, it’s miniture in size and intended to help you do small tasks such as chopping herbs quickly and easily. It’s a massively popular gadget (and cheap too), thanks to Delia’s recommendation, so we’ve got high hopes!

This cute little chopper is intended for small tasks, and as such comes with a 350ml bowl. It’s no replacement for a food processor, but is instead intended to perform tasks such as chopping herbs, chopping garlic, and making dips, chutneys, breadcrumbs and baby food.

Simplicity is the name of the game here. Drop the stainless steel blade into the bowl, pop in your ingredients, screw on the lid, and then use the 2 speed button to whizz it up! There is a pulsing action too, which chops in bursts so that you can see what is going on and avoid overdoing it.

It has a safety interlock system which prevents access to the blades whilst they are in motion, and the bowl is dishwasher safe too.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper which is currently available for 20% off.

Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper White Features and Specifications

  • 350ml bowl – enough for saving time on small tasks, such as chopping herbs or garlic, and making breadcrumbs, dips and baby food
  • Simple one button operation – quickness and simplicity for time saving
  • Safety interlock system – no access to the blades whilst in motion
  • Dishwasher safe bowl – easy to clean

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Thanks to the recommendation from Delia Smith, this cute little device has sold like hot cakes. There are hundreds of customer opinions available online, and we’ve waded through most to get a good idea of whether the CH180 is a hit or a miss. The answer is that this little machine is a resounding hit! 95% of customers were happy with their purchase, with 90% giving the machine a top mark of 4 or 5 stars.

First, the recommendation from Delia is high praise indeed. She doesn’t tend to recommend things that she doesn’t truly use herself, so that in itself is a great sign of quality.

As I already mentioned, the simplicity of this device shines through. It doesn’t claim to be a jack of all trades; it does exactly what it says on the tin. The majority of people said it was great for saving time on those small chopping jobs that, when added up, do take up a huge amount of kitchen time. It simply chops up well.

Reading through the customer comments people had whipped up everything from breadcrumbs, to guacamole, to peanut butter! The vast majority reported great results.

Another great thing about this cute little device is its size. It’s not too big, so if you’re short of space then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about! The bowl goes right in the dishwasher, but most people said it was quick and easy to clean under the tap anyway.

As well as being great for storage, the size is a drawback too. Unfortunately, some people seemed to have the wrong expectations of what they could do with this mini chopper. The fact is that because it’s so small, it’s not intended to be a full blown food processor. Don’t even think about trying to make soups, or anything that you need a lot of. It’s too small, and isn’t intended for this purpose.

When you put the Kenwood CH180 to its intended purpose (chopping in small amounts), it’s great. Its simple, no fuss approach is exactly what you need to save a bit of time while you’re cooking, and the recommendation from Delia Smith is a seal of quality that very few appliances can claim. A handy addition to any kitchen.

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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