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Duronic CH260 Compact White Multi Chopper Review

Quite often people simply want a helping hand with chopping; after all chopping veg can really slow you down in the kitchen. In that case, a mini chopper such as the Duronic CH260 might be just the thing to save on chopping time.

This chopper has a 260 watt motor, which is pretty powerful for a chopper of its size. It has a 500ml bowl, and comes with both a normal chopping blade and a milkshake attachment too so that you can whip up shakes and smoothies.

The bowl also has a detachable rubber base, which helps to stop the chopper from slipping around the work surface during use.

It’s very simple to use. Simply add the ingredients, and screw on the lid. Clicking the lid into the place starts the motor and the blades begin to cut. If you need more power, simply press the turbo button on lid for an extra boost in power.

This model comes with a white finish.

We found that most mini choppers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Duronic CH260 which is currently available for 48% off.

Duronic CH260 Compact White Multi Chopper Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 260W Motor
  • Chopping blade and milkshake blending attachment – make smoothies as well as chop
  • 500ml Bowl with rubber base – stops it from slipping around during use
  • Turbo button – Gives an extra boost for chopping hard ingredients

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Since it’s available at a bargain price, th has been selling very well, and as such there are a lot of customer reviews and opinions available. We’ve waded through all of them to find out how this little chopper performs in the real world. 93% of customers were happy with their purchase, rating the chopper with 3 stars or above. 85% off all customers were very enthusiastic, rating the chopper 4 or 5 stars. So what did people like about it?

Of course, the bargain price was a big factor in most people’s decisions to give it a go! Available for under £15, this makes the CH260 the cheapest compact chopper around. Despite the bargain price, a lot of customers reported that the build quality is surprisingly good; the device has a sturdy and well made feel.

The chopper also does a good job at chopping! It’s a powerful little machine though, so it chops very quickly. You need to be careful to give it only a few seconds for a fine chop. If you want to pulverise the ingredients, simply wait for longer and your ingredients will be pulped. Quite a few customers said that they’d given up chopping by hand completely since investing in this little device.

The one downside is that it’s not particularly great at making smoothies. The problem is the fact that the machine turns on as you screw on the lid, and this means that liquid can leak from the lid if you’re not careful. However, as the smoothie attachment is a bit of a bonus, we’re not counting this too heavily against the chopper.

If you do a lot of chopping in the kitchen, this handy little machine is going to save you time, for sure. Don’t expect a full-blown food processor, it’s not one, however as a handy little time saver in the kitchen the Duronic CH260 recommended.

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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