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Bosch MCM5530GB White Review

Kenwood rule the processor world, but quite a few people swear by Bosch – they’ve built a reputation for quality engineering and sturdy kitchen gadgets. Today, we’re taking a look at the Bosch MCM5530GB in order to put that reputation to the test.

With a 1100w motor built in, the MCM5530 is the most powerful food processor available at the moment. With that kind of power under the hood cutting and chopping won’t present a problem, and tougher tasks such as kneading dough should be a breeze too. The processor comes prepared with suction cup feet, so the power of the motor won’t throw the machine around on the worktop.

The motor has 4 speeds and the all important pulse action, making it versatile enough to turn the processors hand to any task that you want to throw at it.

The included 3.8 litre bowl has a large capacity, which should provide plenty of space for home use. Also included is a 1.5 litre liquidiser, which you can use to blend milkshakes, smoothies and soups too.

One of the big problems with food processors is storage. These days they come with such a wide range of attachments and contraptions, that they can take up a silly amount of cupboard space. The great thing about this Bosch processor is the built-in storage unit; there’s a pull out drawer in the bottom of the machine in which all the accessories go, saving you cupboard space.

Included in the box are accessories and attachments galore, making this a versatile device that you’ll be able to use for every chopping task imaginable. Included is a multifunctional knife, dough hook, balloon whisk, reversible disc for thick and thin slicing, reversible thick and thin shredding disc, stripe cutting disc, citrus press and juice extractor. Also included is a stuffer, which can be used to insert ingredients through the funnel in the lid.

We found that most food processors were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Bosch MCM5530GB which is currently available for 20% off.

Bosch MCM5530GB Food Processor White Features and Specifications

  • 1100 watt motor – the most powerful food processor available
  • 4 speeds and pulse mode – will tackle anything you throw at it
  • Large 3.8 litre bowl – plenty of capacity for home use
  • 1.5 litre liquidiser – blend milkshakes, soups and smoothies
  • Handy built-in storage drawer – holds all accessories and saves you cupboard space
  • Attachments for slicing, shredding, stripe cutting, cutting, kneading, whisking and juicing

Customer Reviews and Feedback

There aren’t very many customer comments or reviews available online about this machine. Those that we have found have been from thoroughly satisfied customers.

People really liked the accessory storage drawer. Whilst other processors on the market do provide storage, confusingly they haven’t been designed to contain everything. That isn’t the case with this machine; everything fits in. With all the accessories tucked neatly away underneath the processor, they won’t be cluttering your cupboards. Definitely a handy feature.

People remarked that the quality of the machine was very good. It might not be the prettiest food processor on the block, but it’s certainly well made and sturdy (and that’s the main thing). Customers seemed very happy with the performance too, so no problems with the chopping either!

  • Score: 4 stars

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