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KitchenAid K45SS Classic White Review

KitchenAid have been making mixers since way back in 1919. That’s almost 100 hundred years, so you’d hope that they’ve got the hang of it by now! Today we’re taking a look at their K45SS Classic model to see if they still know what they’re doing after all these years.

This mixer is modelled after the classic stand mixers of the past. Its retro look has been given a modern upgrade, with a clean white finish that looks really cool. The classic design gives the machine that solid-as-a-rock feel that has been missing all too often in recent years.

Indeed, solid is the word. The entire body is crafted from metal (a rarity these days), without a plastic panel in sight! This chassis is going to be tough, durable and dependable.

It has a tilt back head, so that you can easily access the bowl and add ingredients. Simply pull the lever to move the head out of the bowl, and throw in whatever you need.

Rather than focussing on building in the fastest (and cheapest) motor they could find, KitchenAid have gone down the quality route. The 10 speed motor driving the machine might not be the fastest on the market, but it does promise to be the quietest. It’s a direct drive motor which KitchenAid say should be very quiet in operation. We’ll be putting that to the test a little later.

The machine comes with a decent sized 4 litre stainless steel bowl, and all the usual implements. There’s a dough hook, beater and whisk included in the box.

As you’d expect, the device makes use of the all important planetary mixing motion that is key for making great cakes! The beaters revolve one way, whilst being turned in the opposite direction by the mixer head. It’s not easy to explain, but trust us, the results are lighter than air!

KitchenAid K45SS Classic Features and Specifications

  • Full metal construction – extremely durable and sturdy
  • A modern take on a classic “retro” design – looks cool in any kitchen
  • Extra quiet direct drive motor
  • 4 litre stainless steel bowl
  • Beater, whisk and dough hook included
  • Planetary mixing motion – the most efficient mixing action for the best results

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Over 92% of customers who bought this mixer were happy; in fact, the vast majority of them gave it top marks of 5 stars! It’s not without its downsides, but overall people loved it. Let’s take a look at what they had to say.

First of all, people just loved the way the machine looks! I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned “retro” design too, and I must say that I think this is probably the best looking food mixer available today.

That’s definitely a good thing, as it’s such a heavy machine that you’re going to want to leave it out on the worktop full time. The fact is, the machine is rather unwieldy, but this has its benefits too. It’s strong and sturdy, and is going to last a good long time!

Customers were really happy happy with the results. The motor seems to be able to handle anything, and the weight of the machine keeps it nice and steady even when put to work on tough tasks. People reported light and fluffy cakes, “perfect bread” and delicious meringue!

The motor seems to live up to the claims that it’s the quietest machine on the market. It’s not silent, but customers definitely found it a whole lot quieter than other mixers they’d tried.

Despite not being the fastest mixer on the market, it still mixes efficiently too, with several customers remarking just how quick it was.

A lot of people who bought this machine seemed to have been yearning after a KitchenAid mixer for many years, and finally decided to take the plunge and order themselves one. Despite the anticipation of waiting all those years, it seems that the Classic still managed to meet their expectations! Most said that they wished they’d bought one sooner!

There are a few niggling problems with the machine though.

The first, and one we think is a bit of a design flaw, is the fact that the control levers are positioned on either side of the machine. On one side is the lever to lift the head, and on the other side is the lever to control the motor.

This means that the mixer can’t be used whilst it is sitting flush against a wall. Not the end of the world, but it does mean you might have to pull the machine out when you want to use it, depending on the spot you find for it in your kitchen.

Another common complaint, although admittedly not exactly a major problem, was the fact that the attachments can be a little on the fiddly side to remove. You might end up with messy fingers until you’ve gotten the hang of it!

Finally, whilst this is a quality device, it hadn’t escaped people’s attention that the same machine is dramatically cheaper in the US. We’d agree, this does seem a little unfair.

Overall, the KitchenAid K45SS is the kind of dependable mixer that simply gets the job done! It’s extremely sturdy and well made, and we’re sure it could be relied upon for many years. It is on the expensive side though, and when you consider the added extras you get with a Kenwood for the same price, we have to say we do find the Kenwood KM010 a more enticing proposition. Still, it’s difficult to fault the K45SS, it’s a great mixer.

  • Score: 4 stars

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