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Kenwood kMix KMX54 Peppercorn Review

The Kenwood Chef range of mixers is fantastic, but they’re not the only game in town. The kMix range is also well regarded, and today we’re taking a look at the Kenwood kMix KMX54. Can it hold a torch to the brilliant Kenwood Chef machines? Let’s find out.

One of the cool things about the kMix range is the design. The machines are more compact that the Chef range, as well as sleek and stylish looking. This model is no different, with that iconic design, and a modern peppercorn black finish. If black isn’t your thing, there are Almond cream and Raspberry red colours available too.

The 500w motor that drives the machine isn’t the most powerful around, but it should be able to provide enough elbow grease for home use. On the plus side, it’s going to be quite a lot quieter than the super-powerful Chef mixers.

This mixer has a unique folding function. This is an extra slow mode which provides a more delicate action; mixing perfectly without losing any air, making the lightest mixes possible.

The rest of the mixing modes aerate your mixtures well too. The kMix makes use of the all important planetary action, which is the most efficient movement for mixing. This simply means that the beater turns one way, whilst the socket it is plugged into rotates in the opposite direction.

The capacity of the bowl is a sizeable 5 litres, which should be plenty generous enough for most home uses.

Included in the box are a K Beater, balloon whisk, and dough tool.

The capabilities of the machine can easily be expanded, just like the mixers in the Chef range. It has 2 power outlets which you can use to plug in a huge range of accessories, from food processors and blenders to pasta presses.

Kenwood KMX54 Features and Specifications

  • 500 watt motor – unique fold function for perfect mixing
  • 5 litre bowl
  • Planetary mixing action – the most efficient mixing action available
  • K Beaters, Balloon whisk and dough hook included
  • 2 power outlets – expand the machine’s capabilities with a range of attachments

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We haven’t been able to find a single unhappy comment about the KMX54, not one! Every single customer comment that we were able to read was extremely enthusiastic, and all gave the machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars!

People loved the way the kMix looks. It’s fairly compact, and looks sleek and stylish on the worktop. That’s a good thing, as it’s quite a heavy device so you probably won’t want to keep it in a cupboard. On the plus side, its heaviness points to solid construction and means that the machine won’t be wobbling about anywhere while the mixing.

By all accounts, it mixes really well. People reported “super-light” cakes, lovely smooth pasta dough, and delicious homemade bread.

There’s no mess with this mixer either. The included splash guard does a good job of stopping any mixture from escaping over the side. The motor also speeds up gradually when you turn it on, so the flour won’t puff up and out the bowl in a cloud either.

A few people said that the bowl does need scraping down on occasion, but that’s normal for electric mixers and nobody complained that it needing doing too much.

One criticism that came up a few times is that the machine isn’t very good at dealing with small amounts. If you only want to make a few cupcakes or a small sponge, this probably isn’t the mixer for you.

Overall, the Kenwood KMX54 is a great food mixer, and we’re sure it would work wonders in anybody’s kitchen. However, we’re not terribly keen on the price.

For just £10 more, you could get yourself a Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010. For the extra tenner, you’ll get a motor that’s twice as powerful, a food processor attachement, a blender attachment, and a flexi beater that scrapes the bowl as it goes. The KM010 also has a bigger range of attachments available for expanding its capabilities.

If you’re interested in the KMX54, we can confirm that it’s a great mixer, but in terms of value for money the KM010 has our vote. We’d recommend that you take a look at our review of that model before you take the plunge.

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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