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Kenwood KMC570 Chef Premier Stand Mixer Review

We loved the Kenwood Chef KM010 Kitchen Machine, but at the same time it’s kind of expensive. But you can still get your hands on a Kenwood mixer and spend about 20% less; the Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570 is what we’re looking at today.

This machine looks pretty similar to the Titanium, but trades in the brushed metal look for a clean white finish. It’s a striking machine which has a classic, yet modern feel to it. Since a stand mixer is a kitchen gadget you’re going to want to leave out on the worktop full time, looks are important, and this machine certainly doesn’t disappoint in that area!

The KMC570 might be cheaper than the Titanium, but it still packs quite a punch! Beneath the surface is a 1000 watt motor driving the machine, which means it should have plenty of power for everyday mixing tasks, and coping with heavy doughs.

The stainless steel bowl is plenty big enough for family use, with 4.6 litres of space. It can accommodate the mixture for a 2.7kg cake, 2.2kg of dough, 680g of pastry, and 12 eggs. It also comes with a splash guard, so you won’t be making any mess (no mushroom clouds of flour to worry about)!

The mixer makes use of the famous planetary mixing motion that Kenwood is famous for. This means that the beaters rotate in one direction, and the socket that they plug into rotates in the opposite direction. This helps the machine to cover the entire surface area of the bowl, as well as incorporate a lot of air into the mixture (the key to cakes that are as light as air).

Included in the box are a Kenwood K-Beater, balloon whisk, dough hook, and Flexi-beater.

The K Beater is patented and designed to increase mixing efficiency and reduce beating time. It’s a great general purpose attachment for making fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, pastry and biscuits.

The Flexi Beater is designed to fit the bowl perfectly. The edges of this attachment include scrapers which automatically scrape the side of your bowl in order to get ingredients that are left behind into the mix. Great for completely hands off mixing.

As with all Kenwood Kitchen Machines there are a variety of attachments that can be purchased separately and plugged into one of the machines three power outlets. This means that you can expand the capabilities of your mixer over time, and turn its hand to everything from pasta pressing to ice cream making!

Included in the box, you’ll get a 1.5 litre liquidiser attachment. This slots into the high speed power outlet at the top of the machine, and acts like a standard blender. Brilliant if you like milkshakes, soups or smoothies.

We found that most food mixers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood KMC570 which is currently available for 25% off.

Kenwood KMC570 Features and Specifications

  • Powerful 1000w motor – handles all home mixing, beating and kneading tasks
  • 4.6 Litre Stainless Steel bowl – enough room for 2.7kg cake, 2.2kg dough, 680g of pastry
  • Famous Kenwood Planetary action – beater makes its way around all of the bowl
  • Includes K Beater, Flexi Beater, Dough Hook and Whisk attachments
  • 3 Power outlets – expand the mixers capabilities with further attachments
  • 1.4l Liquidiser attachment included – blend up smoothies, milkshakes and soups

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We’ve yet to find a single negative customer review of the Kenwood KMC570! Yes, 100% of customers were happy with their purchase! There are a few little niggles which we’ll take a look at later, but first let’s see what customers liked about the machine.

As with other Kenwood mixers, this one is well built and well made. People reported that it was nice and robust, but at the same time not so heavy that you need a weightlifter to lug it around the kitchen! It looks good too, wand has that classic Kenwood design that so many people remember down the years.

Let’s talk about the mixing (well it is a mixer)! Simply put, the KMC570 does a superb job!

First of all, the motor doesn’t flinch and seems to have the power to deal with everything customers threw at it. Perhaps the toughest mixing job is kneading dough, and people who’d used the machine for this purpose were very pleased with the results.

Customers reported fantastic cakes, which were delicious light and fluffy. People are often surprised at how good their cakes become when they invest in a proper mixer. One happy baker said: “my cake was so light that I was amazed that it was me that baked it”!

As anyone who’s ever made pastry from scratch knows, it can be a hit and miss affair. This mixer makes it easy, with customers reporting the “best pastry” they’ve ever made. Great news, pastry is no longer the troublesome task that it once was!

The machine does come with a spatula for scraping down the sides of the bowl, and making sure that all the mixture gets tackled. However, people reported that very little in the way of scraping is actually required. The included tools go a good job of making their way all around the bowl and folding in all of the ingredients.

Another great thing about this device, is that the included K Beater seems to deal very well with small quantities. A lot of mixers have problems unless you’re mixing a lot of mixture, but customers reported no such difficulties here. This makes the machine even more useful, and expands the number of tasks you can use it for quite a bit.

As with all mixers, a certain amount of noise is involved in the process! This mixer isn’t whisper quiet (none are) but it’s by no means too noisy either. Many people were pleasantly surprised about the level of noise it makes when put to work.

The included liquidiser works well too. It’s made of acrylic, not glass, but certainly seems well made enough to last. Fitting it to the power outlet does take a bit of getting used to and can be a bit fiddly, but people soon got the hang of it.

There are no glaring problems to report, however there are one or two tiny niggles to point out.

As I mentioned, the machine is quite a bit lighter than other mixers and this means that it can wobble about a little bit while mixing. Nobody found it a major problem though, and the machine certainly doesn’t go walkabout!

One final thing is that, whilst the attachments were perfect out of the box for most people, some did need to recalibrate them so that they worked at top efficiency. This simply involves adjusting the height of the attachments so that they reach further down the bowl. Thankfully, customers found it an easy process, and the instruction booklet explains the process fully.

50% Off at Amazon.co.uk

We have not even the slightest hesitation in recommending the Kenwood Chef Premier KMC570. It does a fantastic job of mixing, and anybody who loves to bake (or loves the results of baking) is going to wonder how they ever lived without a stand mixer! The Kenwood Titanium is still the ultimate mixer, but this model is quite a bit cheaper and does the same great job of mixing. Highly recommended!

  • Score: 4 stars

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