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Kenwood KM023 Chef Major Titanium Fixed Stand Food Mixer Review

We’ve covered the Kenwood Chef range pretty extensively here at Kitchenables, and found those mixers to be absolutely excellent. Today it’s time to turn our attention to the Kenwood KM023, another model in the top-of-the-line Chef Major range.

The main machine is actually identical to the Kenwood KM023 model. It has the same powerful 1500 watt motor, 4 power outlets for adding attachments, and the same 6.7 litre stainless steel bowl.

For that reason, we’d suggest you take a look at our KM020 review here for details on the machine itself. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the differences that the KM023 brings to the table.

So what are the differences? It’s all about the accessories and attachments – a whole lot more stuff comes in the box! With this model, you’ll get a liquidiser, food processor, mincer, multi-mill, citrus press and a set of electronic scales.

One of the cool things about this model is the unique 1.5 litre liquidiser that comes with it. Instead of the usual glass of plastic blender attachment that you’re used to seeing, this one is made of stainless steel. This makes it both durable and lightweight; you’ve got no worries about shattering any brittle plastic when blending ice cubes, and it doesn’t weigh a tonne like a glass liquidiser does.

You’ll also get a food processor attachment in the box (the same one that comes with the KM023 and KM010 models), which slots into the high speed outlet on the top of the mixer.

In the box you’ll also find a multi-mill accessory, which is intended for chopping and grinding. You’ll be able to chop up things like herbs and garlic in seconds, chop nuts, and grind coffee beans too.

The design of the multi-mill is pretty neat. It comes with several glass jars which you do the chopping in. When you’re done, you simply detach, screw on the lid, and store what you’ve chopped directly in the jar.

There’s also a mincer attachment included, which is great if you like barbeques and homemade burgers. Freshly ground meat has to be tried to be believed, it’s simply so much nicer than the pre-prepared mince that we buy in the shops.

For those who enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice in the morning, theres a citrus press included in the box too. No more arm ache from squeezing every last drop of juice out that orange! Simply attach the citrus press to the outlet on top of the mixer, hold your orange over it, and allow the machine to do all the work.

Finishing off the package are a set of electronic scales for measuring out your ingredients.

If you like cooking and baking, this package comes with pretty much everything you’ll ever need to cook up a storm in the kitchen!

We found that most food mixers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood KM023 which is currently available for 35% off.

Kenwood KM023 Features and Specifications

  • 1500w motor – the most powerful fixed stand mixer on the market
  • 6.7 litre stainless steel bowl – large capacity, great for big families
  • K Beater, Dough Hook, Whisk, Flexi Beater included – knead, mix, whisk and beat anything
  • 1.5 litre stainless steel liquidiser – blend up soups, smoothies and milkshakes in this durable and lightweight blender attachment
  • Food processor attachment
  • Also includes meat mincer, multi-mill, citrus press and electronic scales

Customer Feedback and Reviews

In our experience, people who’ve plumped for a Kenwood Chef usually turn out to be very happy bunnies! We found that people who bought the Kenwood KM023 were no different; out of all the customer comments that we collected, we didn’t find a single negative review! In fact, over 95% of customers awarded this machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

We’ve already covered the mixing abilities of the Kenwood Chef range in detail before. If you’d like to know how well this machine mixes, we’d suggest you check out our reviews of the KM010 here, and the KM020 here. We’re going to concentrate on the additional accessories that you get with the KM023 model.

The accessories turned out to be extremely popular!

The electronic scales that come with the machine are sleek, well made and durable (being made of glass). Customers found the design quite nifty too! They come with a rubber mat for the stainless steel bowl to sit on, so that you can measure out your ingredients directly into the bowl.

Customers really liked the stainless steel liquidiser attachment too. It works great, blending up soups and smoothies like a champ. The great thing about it is that it’s durable, without weighing tonne (a standard complaint with the glass liquidiser attachment that comes with other models). It does have a downside though, and that is that you can’t see through the steel, and must therefore measure out your ingredients into the blender using a measuring jug.

The multi-mill works well too, and people were actually finding quite a lot of uses for it. For instance, one lady found her local shop had run out of chopped almonds. Usually she would have had to abandon her recipe, but with the Kenwood Chef tucked away in her kitchen she simply bought a pack of whole almonds and chopped them herself in seconds.

The citrus press works great too. It makes its way through an orange nice and quickly, separating out the juice and the pips as it goes so you won’t have any nasty surprises in your glass!

Finally, whilst not many people had used the mincer, one burger enthusiast said it works really well. It has settings for coarse, fine and medium mince meat, and our happy burger lover said that the burgers you can make with your own freshly prepared meat are second to none.

There was only one complaint that we found, and that is that the food processor is made of plastic. Whilst we’d agree that it might not be the hardest wearing around, to be fair to Kenwood it isn’t intended for processing anything hard and heavy (that’s what the liquidiser and multi-mill are for). Therefore, you shouldn’t have any problems – just don’t drop it on the floor!

So should you buy this model? If you can’t see yourself using the added extras, we’d recommend saving yourself some money and going with the KM020 instead. However, the added extras are genuinely useful so if you do a lot of cooking and baking we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Adding these accessories separately over time would cost you a lot more money than this bundle in the long run.

35% Off at Amazon.co.uk

The Kenwood KM023 is every bit deserving of the Kenwood Chef name; it’s simply excellent. The included accessories make it pretty much the only kitchen gadget you’ll ever need.

  • Score: 5 stars

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