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Kenwood KM020 Chef Major Titanium Review

You could say we were pretty taken with the Kenwood Chef KM010 which we took a look at recently, so we just couldn’t resist taking a look at its bigger brother; the Chef Major KM020. Kenwood promise that this is the ultimate in kitchen appliances, and it’s their flagship mixer for anyone serious about baking.

This is the most powerful fixed stand mixer available today. With a 1500 watt motor, this machine is going to save you on elbow grease, and do all the heavy lifting in the kitchen for you. With this kind of grunt under the hood, the machine is going to turn its hand to any mixing task with ease.

The Major is also has one of the largest capacity bowls on the market. The stainless steel bowl gives you a generous 6.7 litre capacity to play with; perfect for catering or baking for large groups of friends or family. It’ll handle 4.55kg of cake mix, 2.4kg of dough, and a whopping 910g of flour for pastry!

Of course, being a Kenwood mixer, the KM020 comes with the all important planetary mixing action which provides such great results. The beater rotates in one direction, whilst the socket it is plugged into rotates in the opposite direction. This means that the beaters reach around the entire bowl, and also helps to incorporate a lot more air into the mix.

Included in the box are the usual array of attachments. You’ve got a K Beater, balloon whisk, dough hook, and flexi beater. The flexi beater is rather nifty, and is designed to scrape the side of the bowl as it goes so that no ingredients get left behind.

As you’d expect, the machine comes with several different power outlets that you can plug additional attachments into it. Everything from grinders, pasta presses, choppers and even ice cream makers are available separately to expand the capabilities of your mixer as you see fit. Good news for gadget lovers!

Included in the box are two such attachments; a 1.5 litre glass liquidiser and a food processor. This means that, out of the box, the Major doesn’t just mix, beat, whisk and knead. It also blends up a great smoothie, and chops veg like a champ too!

Kenwood KM020 Features and Specifications

  • 1600w motor – the most powerful fixed stand mixer on the market
  • Huge 6.7 litre bowl – great for baking for large groups of people
  • Planetary mixing action – super-efficient mixing action
  • K Beater, Balloon Whisk, Dough Hook and Flexi beater included
  • 1.5 litre glass liquidiser included – upright blender attachment for creating smoothies, milkshakes and soups
  • Food processor attachment included – chop, slice and dice too!

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Having looked at several Kenwood kitchen machines, we’ve come to expect a high level of customer satisfaction with these things! The KM020 is no different; we’ve gathered together all the customer reviews and comments that we could, and found 97% of customers were happy with their purchase. Not only that, but 95% gave the machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

First of all, a lot of customers were really impressed with the power of the motor. It really does cope with anything! One customer raved about the bread he’d made with the machine, saying that the motor didn’t even flinch when kneading 2kg of Brioche dough.

As with all Kenwood mixers, it mixes brilliantly too. One of the things that we’ve noticed time and time again with their mixers, is that it aerates mixtures very efficiently. This means everything turns out really light and fluffy. In fact, the results are so good that the people using the machine are often surprised!

People reported fantastic breads, cakes, meringues and pastries – you name it, the Major can make it! It even makes delicious mashed potatoes!

Thanks to the splash guard and the way the motor begins slowly and gradually increases in speed, it doesn’t make a mess either. Customers said that there was no spilling over the sides, and there were no reports of clouds of flour mushrooming from the bowl! A definite plus.

People also appreciated the blender and food processor attachments. They both work well, and it means that you can eliminate the need for separate appliances. One happy cook had got rid of her bread maker, hand mixer, blender, food processor and chopper since investing in this machine! It’s a large device, but in the long run it can actually save you space.

The machine isn’t whisper quiet (no mixer is of course) however most people mentioned that it’s not overly loud either. You can easily stand by it and hold a conversation, which makes it much quieter than some other mixers that we’ve taken a look at.

There were a few minor niggles mention. The first is that because of the size of the bowl, the flexi beater doesn’t quite reach to the sides. This means that they don’t do as efficient a job at scraping the sides as they do in the smaller models. Still, the machine mixes very efficiently all the same so it’s not a massive problem.

Another thing that kept coming up, is that the power cable is rather short. That’s a little bit irritating, but since you’ll no doubt want to leave the machine out on the kitchen worktop full time, you can simply position it near a power socket.

Finally, whilst the food processor and blender attachment work well and were well received, a few people did mention that they can be a bit fiddly to attach. Still, once you get the hang of it then it’s not so bad, and they do eliminate the need for separate food processors and blenders in the kitchen.

The Kenwood Chef Major Titanium KM020 is a really great machine – it mixes brilliantly, and you’ll just love the results you get out of it. Is it worth the extra money (check above for the best prices), over the cheaper KM010 model? As one customer put it, “you can do a small amount in a big bowl, but you can’t do a big amount in a small bowl”. We think that sums it up quite nicely! This is the ultimate kitchen mixer!

  • Score: 5 stars

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