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Kenwood Chef Classic KM336 Review

We’ll admit to being seduced by the Kenwood Chef Titanium that we took a look at recently. As kitchen gadgets go, it’s kind of the ultimate! Still, it comes with a hefty price tag and that’s going to put a lot of people off. With that in mind, we’re taking a look at a more reasonably priced food mixer from the range today: the Kenwood Chef Classic KM336.

The Kenwood KM336 does a lot of the same things as it’s more expensive sibling, but at a fraction of the price. In fact, its almost 50% cheaper! Let’s take a look and see if it still does the job.

Looks-wise, this device has been built around the “classic” look of Kenwood machines of old. If you’ve got fond memories of the workhorse mixers of the past, then this one is sure to bring it all rushing back! The stainless steel bowl and clean white finish puts a modern spin on a classic design.

Under the hood, this machine has an 800w motor doing the mixing. This is by no means as powerful as Kenwood’s more expensive models, but certainly powerful enough to get the job done. We’ll take a look at how it performs in the kitchen later.

The beaters use a planetary mixing action. This means that the beater turns in one direction, while the socket they are plugged into rotates the mixer around the bowl. It’s a little hard to explain, but this is the most efficient motion for general purpose mixing.

The 4.6 litre bowl is nice and spacious, providing the same capacity as Kenwood’s more expensive mixers. It’s stainless steel in construction, and non-stick too, making it easy to keep to clean.

Included in the box are the famous K Beater for mixing, a dough tool for kneading, and a balloon whisk.

The machine has 3 power outlets which you can use to add different attachments. You’ll get one attachment included with the mixer; a 1.5 litre acrylic liquiser which slots into the high speed power outlet on the top. You can use the liquidiser in place of a separate blender, for whizzing up smoothies, milkshakes and soups.

More attachments can be added over time. Everything from an ice cream maker attachment to a pasta makers, and grinders are available from Kenwood. This means your Kenwood Chef can actually replace a lot of the separate gadgets that are taking up precious space in your kitchen.

Kenwood KM336 Food Mixer Features and Specifications

  • Modern reworking of a classic design – will look attractive on any kitchen worktop
  • 800 watt motor – powerful enough for any household mixing task
  • Planetary mixing action – the most efficient motion for general purpose mixing
  • 4.6 litre stainless steel bowl – room for a 2.72kg cake, 2.18kg of dough, 12 eggs, and 680g of flour or pastry
  • K beater, dough hook, and balloon whisk included
  • 1.5l Liquidiser attachment included – great for blending up soups, smoothies and milkshakes

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This machine is something of a best seller, so we were able to gather no shortage of customer comments and ratings. Over 96% of customers were pleased with their KM336, with 94% giving the machine top marks of 4 or 5 stars. As we expected, people really like this mixer!

First of all, people were impressed with the build quality. Whilst the machine is of a plastic construction (as opposed to the metal used in the more expensive versions) people reported that it’s nice and sturdy none-the-less.

Customers were really happy with how well the machine mixes. People had used it to make everything from cakes, bread and pastry to brownies, mousse, and even mashed potatoes. By all accounts, everything turns out deliciously! One customer who had previously considered herself a failure at baking had suddenly started turning out “wonderful baked creations” using her new Kenwood!

One point that came up a lot, that is worth bearing in mind, is that the tools will probably need to be calibrated before use. Out of the box, unfortunately they are not well adjusted. Most people found that they need to be lowered slightly in order to produce the excellent results we were talking about above. Fortunately, the process is very simple, and fully explained in the instruction book.

People reported that the liquidiser works great too, even if its a little fiddly to attach. Most people seemed to be using it for soups, and had great results. It can blend up a smooth soup very quickly, or you can use the pulse function for a chunkier consistency too.

The word “workhorse” was often used by customers to describe this mixer; it’s solid, dependable and like having a second pair of hands to help you in the kitchen.

There was nothing particularly worrying reported by customers, but there are a few minor criticisms. The most common one was that the mixer is a bit on the noisy side. Most mixers are; unfortunately you won’t find any that are whisper quiet.

Since the shell is made of plastic, the device is somewhat lighter than the more expensive models. This means that it gets a bit wobbly when put to work on tougher tasks, but it doesn’t seem to be anything too severe. There were no stories of the machine walking its way across the worktop, so it’s not a big problem.

Finally, admittedly another minor point, was that not all of the bits are dishwasher proof. This means that you’ll need to get used to which bits are adn which bits aren’t. However, customers reported that those bits that can’t be put in the dishwasher are easy enough to clean under a tap.

It’s not quite as good the Titanium models, but the Kenwood KM336 is still a great mixer. It’s well made, almost as versatile as the more expensive models, and does a great job. It’s a great price to boot, so if the cost of the Titanium models has scared you off then this is a great way to get a Kenwood Chef into your kitchen!

  • Score: 4 stars

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