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Kenwood Chef Attachments and Accessories

The great thing about the Kenwood Chef range of mixers is their versatility. The range of attachments and accessories available mean that you can use your machine to do just about any kitchen task that you can think of. No more cluttering up the work top with multiple gadgets and appliances, a Kenwood Chef does it all.

Better yet, you don’t have to splash out on everything all at once. You can gradually add new functions to your mixer as time goes by.

So what attachments are available, then? Let’s take a look.

AT950 Mincer and Food Grinder

kenwood chef attachment at950 grinder
This attachment is great for people who like sausages! It comes with two different sausage adapters, as well as a kebbe maker for meatballs. Three different screens are also included allowing you to make thin, medium or thick minced meat. It works will all kinds of meat, including chicken, duck, fish and rabbit. It works with nuts and vegetables too.

AT956A Ice Cream Maker

kenwood chef ice cream maker accessory
This is a popular, mainly because it makes freshly made homemade ice cream! If you’re on a diet, it’ll make frozen yoghurt and sorbet too. When you fancy some ice cream, you simply pop this attachment in the freezer to cool down, and then replace the standard bowl on your mixer with this attachment. Turn on the mixer, pour in your mixture and then you’ll have a litre of fresh ice cream ready within 30 minutes.

AT340 Slicer/Shredder

kenwood at340 slicer attachment
Everyone who does a lot of cooking knows how much time chopping can take. With this attachment you’ll have it all done in a matter of seconds. The chopper attachment comes with 7 different stainless steel cutting plates, which do everything from slicing and grating, to shredding and chipping julienne style. Simple throw your ingredients in the feeding chute and the top, and they’ll come out the other end nicely chopped within seconds.

AT936A Pasta Maker

at936a pasta maker
This pasta making attachment comes with six different screens which make spaghetti, lasagne, tagliatelle, rigatoni, and large/small macaroni. You need to be precise with the ingredients when you’re making pasta, so a measuring beaker is also included. Simply throw your dough into the chute and the top, and your pasta comes out through whatever screen you’ve chosen.

AT970A Flat Pasta Roller

at970a pasta roller
This pasta roller attachment has 9 different thickness settings, and allows you to make pasta in minutes. It’s used in conjunction with other pasta attachments in the AT970 range – the AT971A for tagliatelle, the AT973A for Trenette, the AT972A for Tagliolini, and the AT974A for spaghetti.

AT312 Citrus Press

at312 citrus press
If you like a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning, then this attachment can save you the pain of squeezing it out yourself. Simple plug it into the high speed outlet on your mixer, and then then hold your fruit over the juicer while it turns. The juice flows into the beaker underneath, which holds 600ml of juice, and has an spout for pouring your juice into a glass.

AT320A Mini Chopper/Mill

at320a mini chopper
This attachment is great for chopping up or grinding smaller quanities of food. Perfect for those little chopping tasks such as cutting up onions or garlic, this attachment is going to save you plenty of time. It’s also suitable for grinding and milling things like fresh coffee beans and hard spices. Three glass mills are included; these are used to process your ingredients, and then you can pop on the lid and store in the same container.

AT641 Continuous Juicer Attachment

at641 juicer
The citrus press attachment is great for jucing the odd orange, but this juicer is much more versatile. You can use it to whip up any kind of fruit or vegetable juice. Simply cut up your ingredients into pieces, and feed them into the chute at the top. It’s a centrifugal juicer that separates the pulp from the juice. The juice goes into its 1 litre jug, and the pulp collects in the included pulp bin. Great for more serious juicers!

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