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Dualit 88400 Chrome Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Dualit 88400, a hand mixer which Dualit say they have designed for both domestic and commercial use. Carrying a pretty steep price tag to match this description, this device is going to have to do a lot to impress us! Let’s see if it’s up to scratch.

The 88400 has been designed for use in both home and commercial kitchens, so we’d expect a pretty robust unit! Indeed, the motor inside is a heavy duty 300 watt which should be able to deal with anything you throw at it.

Simply slot in one of the included attachments (dough hook, beater or whisk) and select from one of the 5 speeds to match the toughness of the task at hand.

When you’re done, the device has an ejector button to release the attachments, so there won’t be any need to get your hands dirty.

There won’t be any power cord trailing behind the machine either, as its cord is retractable. A handy added extra that you don’t see in many hand mixers.

Dualit 88400 Hand Mixer Features and Specifications

  • Heavy duty 300 watt motor – design for both home and commercial use
  • Chrome finish – looks sleek and professional
  • 5 speeds for tasks of varying toughness
  • Attachment ejector button – no need to get your hands dirty
  • Retractable power cord – no messy cable trailing around behind the mixer

Customer Reviews and Feedback

We’ll get straight to the point, there are serious problems with this mixer. Only 46% of customers were happy with their purchase. With well over 50% of customers leaving this machine a negative review, we knew there were some real issues to get to the bottom of.

Almost all of the customers that commented said that, initially, they were really happy with their purchase. They said that the machine felt really sturdy, strong, and generally good quality. The motor felt strong too, and produced great results when mixing.

But the smile was soon wiped off a lot of customers faces.

The problem with this mixer is that Dualit seem to have skimped on the internals. Plastic cogs drive the beaters, and they eventually wear down to the point where the motor runs, but the beaters no longer turn. We’ve seen disgruntled customers who’ve experienced this problem after just 3 months use, but generally the machine fails in anything up to 12 months.

Annoyed customers were further angered when Dualit refused to repair their mixer, instead offering them a discount on a replacement! This is a pretty poor solution, especially considering the replacement mixer is just going to die within another 12 months anyway.

This wasn’t the only problem either! Quite a few customers complained that, whilst the beaters turn fine on their mixer, they often get jammed together. When this happens, they refuse to turn and also put the motor under intense pressure.

These problems are so pronounced, that several people had been through 3 different mixers within their warranty period. We wouldn’t accept this kind of shoddy workmanship on a cheap hand mixer, let alone one of the most expensive models on the market!

  • Score: 1 stars

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