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Breville SHM2 Review

If you’ve taken a look at stand mixers lately, you’ll know that they’re not exactly cheap! If you don’t want to break the bank a handheld mixer is usually your only option. However, the Breville SHM2 is also an option.

This twin-motor mixer is actually 2 devices in one; a hand mixer as well as a stand mixer. Better still, you can get your hands on one for less than £50. But is it any good? Let’s find out.

The SHM2 has two motors. The first, a 380w motor with 10 speeds, drives the beaters. This is what is in use when you’re using the device as a handheld. The second motor is in the base unit and turns the bowl. Simply attach the mixer to this base unit, and the machine becomes a stand blender. A nifty idea – we’ll see how efficient it is a bit later.

As a stand mixer, the machine has a compact footprint, so it could well be an option if you have too small a kitchen for a dedicated stand mixer (they do tend to be rather massive). The bowl has a 2 litre capacity. Not the largest in town, but enough to cope with up to 1kg of dry ingredients.

Included in the box are stainless steel beaters, whisk and dough tools. Also thrown in is a spatula for scraping the bowl.

We found that most food mixers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Breville SHM2 which is currently available for 29% off.

Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer Features and Specifications

  • Twin motor – can be used as both a hand and stand mixer
  • 380w motor drives the beaters
  • Compact size – great for smaller kitchens
  • Includes stainless steel beaters, whisk, dough tool and spatula
  • Clean white finish

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Around 82% of customers were happy that they’d invested in this machine, whilst 68% awarded the device top marks of 4 or 5 stars. Whilst the majority were happy, this leaves 1 in 5 people who weren’t so we’ll be taking a close look at what they had to say.

The majority of customers reported good mixing results with this machine. It seemed that a lot of comments were from people who wanted to either do a little baking from time to time, or begin baking for the first time. Neither type of person wanted to spend spend a huge amount on an expensive mixer, so went with this model instead. They were pleased with the results, and said that the SHM2 mixes cake mixture well (and makes delicious cakes)!

Some people had put the mixer to use on heavier jobs as well, such as bread making, and had been pleased with the results too.

However, opinion was somewhat divided on the efficiency of the machine as a stand mixer. The people who didn’t like the device generally mentioned that they had poor results with the stand mixing function, with the machine leaving mixture around the side or the bowl. Some people found that using the included spatula to scrape the sides solved this problem easily enough.

We noticed quite a few comments about the beaters not reaching far enough down to the bottom of the bowl. Even people who were happy with the mixer mentioned this. It doesn’t seem to present a problem with light mixtures, however you might need to stop and use the spatula for thicker mixes.

Still, the majority of people sang the praises of the machine when it came to mixing. Considering it’s the cheapest stand mixer you’re likely to find, it does a pretty good job.

One of the most common complaints about the machine, is that it’s a little on the noisy side. It’s fine when being used as a hand blender; the problem comes with being used as a stand blender. Since it’s using two motors (one to turn the beaters and one to turn the bowl) it creates a bit of a racket. To be fair, though, no mixer is whisper quiet!

One more minor problem is that a few people noticed the machine wobbling around on the work surface. This is not likely to happen for most mixing tasks, perhaps only for the tougher tasks such as kneading dough.

30% Off at Amazon.co.uk

If you really want a stand mixer, but don’t fancy shelling out a fortune, then the Breville SHM2 could be a good choice. If you think you need a mixer for more heavy household use, you’d probably be better off spending a bit more. However, the SHM2 is probably just the ticket for light or occasional use.

  • Score: 3 stars

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