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Andrew James Large Food Mixer 7 Litre Review

We’ve grown to really like Andrew James recently. The kitchen appliances they come out with aren’t flashy by any means, but they’re usually dependable and affordable; striking a good balance between high-end features and low cost. So, we’re very intrigued to be taking a look at the Andrew James Large 7 Litre Stand Food Mixer.

This machine packs a hefty stainless steel bowl into the bargain, and at 7 litres this is the most spacious food mixer on the market today- just pipping the Kenwood Chef Major at the post. Better yet, it’s literally a fraction of the price of a Kenwood machine!

Behind the scenes, this mixer has a 1000 watt motor doing the work. Not the most powerful mixer around then, but certainly at the higher end of the market, and more than enough for your everyday mixing, kneading and whisking.

One of the coolest things about this mixer is a little trick it has up its sleeve, which is going to make your life a little bit easier. It had a digital timer built-in with 7 programmes. This means you simply throw your ingredients into the bowl, select a program and then go and get on with something else. The mixer will take care of the mixing, and turn itself off when it’s done!

There are settings for bread, cakes, pasta and even grinding meat. It’s a simple touch, but one we’re surprised that we haven’t seen on any other mixer up to this point. It seems like such a logical and useful thing to build in!

You get three attachments in the box: a dough blade, a beater blade, and a stainless steel whisk. Everything you’ll need for your everyday home mixing. All the bits are dishwasher safe too, and easy to clean.

Also included is a splash guard to stop any mixture from spilling over the side, so you the mixer won’t be making a mess whilst you’ve got your back turned!

Andrew James Large 7 Litre Food Mixer Features and Specifications

  • Massive 7 litre stainless steel bowl – largest capacity mixer on the market
  • 7 automatic presets – throw in your ingredients, set, and forget!
  • Powerful 1000w motor – plenty of power for all your mixing tasks
  • Dough blade, beater blade and stainless steel whisk included
  • Splash guard – no mess
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Feedback and Reviews

This machine is rather new, and as such we weren’t able to collect a huge amount of customer comments. However, those that we did collect were extremely positive. In fact, every single person awarded this mixer top marks of 5 stars! Let’s see what they liked about it.

Of course, everybody loved the price! This device might not have all the bells, whistles and possible functions of a Kenwood Chef, but it’s a fraction of the price. Simply put, people found this mixer a bit of a bargain!

With one function to concentrate on (mixing!), you’d hope that it does a good job. We can report that it certainly does! All the customers who left comments raved about the mixing abilities of this machine. The results were tasty, light and delicious. People had used it for baking cakes, pasty, muffins, meringue and they all came out superbly.

One customer said that this mixer is “better than my Kenwood Chef”, which is high praise indeed for a machine that is literally a fraction of the price.

The beaters reach right down to the bottom of the bowl, so no ingredients get left behind. A few people mentioned having to scrape the bowl down on the odd occasion, however it seems that it’s rarely needed. Even so, this is something that needs to be done with the most expensive machines on the market, so it’s not really a flaw.

One of the great things about this mixer is that it works well with small amounts, as well as big amounts. Customers reported that its just as good at whisking up a few eggs as it is when kneading 2kg of dough.

People seemed to find the automatic timer function genuinely useful too. Being able to simply throw in the ingredients, turn the machine on, and then forget about it frees up more time than you’d imagine! No excuses for not getting that washing up done any more!

The splash guard works well, and the machine creates no mess. Nobody reported any spillages over the side, and the customer comments didn’t tell any tales of flour clouds making their way through the kitchen! By all accounts, the bits and pieces are nice and easy to clean too, whether being washed in the dishwasher or rinsed under a tap.

We struggled to find any criticisms at all! In fact, the only one that we found was that there is no spatula included in the box. We’re not terribly worried about this oversight! Having said that, we admit it would have been useful.

We liked Andrew James’ previous food mixer, and this larger model is even better. It dispenses with all the gimmicks to concentrate on great mixing, and does a very good job at it too! It’s got a huge capacity, a handy timer function, doesn’t make any mess and is a massive 60% cheaper than an equivalent sized Kenwood Chef! To say we’re taken with the Andrew James Large Food Mixer would be an understatement – top marks!

  • Score: 4 stars

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