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Tefal Actifry AL800240 Review

Everybody loves a nice portion of chips here in the UK, but we’re all too aware of the fact that they’re not exactly good for you! However, that isn’t necessarily true these days; not if you make your chips using the Tefal Actifry AL800240! This fryer promises crisp and fluffy chips without the guilt; Tefal say it makes chips that are just 3% fat!

Clearly, the unique selling point of this device is the health factor. It can make up to 1kg of chips using just one spoonful of oil. That’s right, just one! That’s 100 times less fat than a traditional deep fat fryer in case you’re counting, so there’s no wonder this is the UK’s best selling fryer!

Of course, health isn’t the only benefit of using so little oil. Since it doesn’t have to heat huge amounts of oil, this machine is a lot more economical than an ordinary fryer (not to mention a lot safer). Also, you won’t have that fatty chip shop smell lingering around your house either.

So, how does it work? It’s hot air that makes the magic happen. As the paddle turns the food, hot air is constantly blasted through the pan. The result is crispy, fluffy chips without the guilt of a visit to the chip shop!

The machine is completely hands off too. Simply throw in your food, set the timer, and close the lid. There’s a paddle inside that constantly moves the food around. This helps to make sure that everything gets cooked evenly, and means that there is no need to stir it yourself. Simple!

If you do want to take a look whilst your food is cooking, there’s a large steam-free viewing window so you can always see what’s going on.

It’s not just chips that this fryer is good for though. It’ll cook pretty much anything you can think of; sausages, chicken, fish, vegetables and more! There’s a recipe book included in the box to get you started.

If you want to cook foods with different cooking times, no problem. Simply pop open the lid at the appropriate point in the cycle (there’s a safety auto cut-off that’ll stop the cooking), and throw in whatever you want to cook.

When everything’s ready, an alarm will sound to let you know that your chips are done. Cleaning up after you’ve eaten should be easy enough too; the pan and the top are both dishwasher safe.

Tefal Actifry FZ7002 Features and Specifications

  • Makes crispy chips that are just 3% fat!
  • 100 times less fat needed than a traditional fryer – just 1 spoon of oil makes up to 1kg of chips!
  • No fatty smells in your house!
  • Completely automatic – paddles turns food so no stirring required
  • Versatile – cook fish, sausages, chicken, beef, veg and more!
  • Recipe book included
  • Dishwash safe – easy to clean
  • The UK’s best selling fryer

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Now that all sounds great, but we wouldn’t dream of going a step further without finding out what the UK’s chip lovers think of the Actifry! This machine has been a bestseller, so it’s been extremely easy to gather hundreds of customer comments together to see what people think. People just love it, with 93% of customers happy with their purchase. 88% gave the machine a top score of 4 or 5 stars!

Before we dive into the chip making, let’s see what people thought about the machine itself.

It was generally well received. Customers reported that it feels solid and well made, so there shouldn’t be any worries about it standing the test of time. It is a little on the large side, something to be aware of if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen. It looks quite nice though, with a modern black and silver finish.

So what about those chips? The vast majority of customers just loved them. Whilst it’s not quite like eating chips from the chip shop, on the whole people found them crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and quite delicious. A lot of people were a bit sceptical before trying the machine, and were pleasantly surprised!

A tiny minority of customers had a few problems, so it might take a little bit of practice before you get it right. Several said that once they used the right type of potatoes, washing and drying them before cooking, they got excellent results. Another little tip is to use an extra spoon of oil – even with another spoon in there you’re still using 50 times less fat!

Other foods cook well in the Actifry too, and while a lot of people bought the machine for making chips, most of them generally found themselves using it for all sorts of things. Sausages, chicken wings, scampi, roast vegetables and even stir fry were just some of the things people had whipped up.

It’s nice that Tefal have included a recipe book in the package, but even better is that there a lots of recipes available online for free! There’s quite a budding community of Actifry enthusiasts online sharing recipes and ideas.

When you’re done, everything is nice and easy to clean under the tap. If you have a dishwasher, everything is safe to put in there too. People just loved the fact that there are no lingering fatty smells to get rid of either.

So were there any problems? In fact, the only problems that were reported were relatively minor.

A few customers complained that the device is a bit on the noisy side. The main thing that you can hear is the air being blown through the machine. Personally I don’t think it’s that loud (you can easily have a conversation over the top of it).

Another common complaint was that the timer doesn’t stop the machine from cooking. When the countdown is complete, the timer beeps to let you know, but you have to come and turn the machine off yourself. This is a bit of a baffling oversight. To be fair, though, you’d have to turn off the oven manually if you were cooking your chips in there.

Our only criticism, is that the Actifry is a bit pricey compared to other fryers on the market. Having said that, it’s a lot more healthy too. You can’t really put a price on your health, can you! You can compare prices above so you can find the best deal.

All in all, the Tefal Actifry AL800240 is a great fryer. It’s versatile, produces excellent results, and it’s healthy too. There are no bad smells to deal with, it uses less energy, and it’s a lot safer into the bargain! We’re impressed with this machine – it’s definitely one of the best fryers around.

  • Score: 4.5 stars

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