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Russell Hobbs 17942 Review

We’re taking a look at one of the largest home fryers on the market today; the Russell Hobbs 17942.

This machine can hold slightly more food than most, allowing you to cook up to 1.2kg. It contains 3.3 litres of oil at the same time. Depending on the size of your portions, that should be plenty to feed 3 or 4 people.

This is one of the better looking models on the market too, with a modern stainless steel and black finish, and a rounded off look.

It’s a variable temperature device, so you can get your chips to the crispness that you like. It’s also got a digital timer built-in, which will let you know when they’re done.

This fryer promises to be nice and easy to clean. It has a removable non-stick bowl, lid and basket, all of which can be put in the dishwasher.

Russell Hobbs 17942 Features and Specifications

  • Cooks up to 1.2kg of food using 3.3 litres of oil – room for 3 or 4 people
  • Variable temperature – get the exact crispness that you like
  • Digital timer – lets you know when your food is done
  • Removable lid, bowl, and basket – dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Customer Feedback and Reviews

93% of customers were happy with their new fryer, recommending it as a good purchase.

The first thing that people appreciated was the design. It is quite a decent looking device, and that makes quite a change (most deep fat fryers are a bit of an eye sore). If you want to leave it out on your worktop, it should fit right into any modern kitchen.

People also said that the machine cooks really well. Chips were evenly cooked, crispy and delicious. Some people had used it to make fish too, and this turned out very well also. One thing to bear in mind, is that the machine does seem to cook chips slightly quicker than the instruction book says. So do be ready to take them out a couple of minutes early.

Depending on the size of your portions, the basket should provide enough space for 4 people. There is space for a slightly bigger basket, so some customers felt the size was a disappointment, but to be fair there needs to be some room in order to achieve the even cooking that people praised.

When you’re done cooking, it’s nice and easy to clean too. The basket, lid and bowl can all go in the dishwasher. However since they’re removable, they’re pretty easy to clean under the tap too.

The 17942 didn’t escape criticism though; it does have its shortcomings.

Whilst the machine certainly looks the part, a few people mentioned that it doesn’t feel as sturdy as it looks. The panels do feel a little slim and flimsy, unfortunately, however nobody reported any breakages so it does appear that it is up to the task.

It cooks food nice and quickly once hot, but several customers mentioned that it can be a little on the slow side to heat up to the right temperature. It’s not so slow that it’s a major problem, but it does take more time and energy.

The basket can be raised with the lid on, in order to bring it out of the oil and let the food drain. The problem, though, is that the bottom couple of centimetres of the basket aren’t raised high enough, and continue to sit in the oil. This is remedied with a simple shake of the basket as you take it out of the machine.

Another complaint, was the digital timer simply emits an alarm when it is finished. A few people were under the impression that it would automatically turn off the machine, and were a bit disappointed.

The Russell Hobbs 17942 is definitely a capable fryer, and produces great results with chips and other food. However, the DeLonghi F34512CZ Coolzone is only a little bit more expensive, and would be our preference. It heats up quicker, is more economical on oil, and has a more robust and sturdy body. The 17942 is a perfectly good fryer though, and is bound to keep chip-lovers happy!

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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