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De’Longhi F34512CZ Coolzone Review

There’s no doubt about it, De’Longhi are the name to look for on the side of your deep fat fryer. They make the best home fryers on the market, and today we’re taking a look at one of their top-of-the-line models; the F34512CZ Coolzone.

This is a serious looking machine, with a professional stainless steel finish that should like right at home in any modern kitchen. Don’t worry about touching it though, the handles are cool touch so that you can easily remove the lid and use the fryer whilst it’s hot.

It can accommodate 1kg of food, and takes up to 3 litres of oil. The Coolzone technology inside keeps your oil fresh for longer, by stopping any stray bits of food from burning and contaminating it. This means the fryer is more economical on oil than standard fryers.

One of the great things about this machine is that it includes De’Longhi’s Easy Clean system. This popular feature means that the fryer dismantles for easy cleaning. The lid, bowl and basket are all dishwasher safe, or can be cleaned easily under the tap too.

However crisp you like your chips, you should be able to get them just right with this machine. It has adjustable temperature so that you can have complete control over your food.

When you’re done cooking, the basket can be fixed into a higher position above the oil, giving the oil time to drain from your food.

Another unique thing about this model, that you don’t see in many deep fat fryers, is its safety features. If the machine overheats it’ll cut off the power automatically.

DeLonghi F32512CZ Features and Specifications

  • Professional stainless steel finish with cool touch handles
  • Cooks 1kg of food using up to 3 litres of oil
  • Adjustable temperature – get the exact crispness you like
  • Coolzone system – keeps oil fresher for longer
  • Easy Clean system – removable bowl, lid and basket all go in the dishwasher
  • Fixed air filter – filters out greasy oil smells
  • Safety cut off – turns off power if too hot

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Of course, no review would be complete without a long hard look at how well an appliance performs in the real world. Let’s see how well the people who bought this fryer got on with it. They loved it; 90% of customers gave it an enthusiastic write up awarding top marks of 4 or 5 stars.

Almost of the customer comments that we studied agreed that the machine heats up very quickly. Even with a full 3 litres of oil inside, people generally found that it reached the temperature selected within 5 minutes. That’s great news; not just for saving you time, but energy too.

Almost everyone had bought the machine for making chips, and they were suitably impressed. This machine frys up lovely chips. They’re golden and crispy, fluffy on the inside, and don’t come out tasting greasy or oily either. These are perhaps the closest you can get to homemade chip shop chips.

Everyone appreciated how easy to clean the fryer is too. These machines are traditionally a bit of a pain to keep clean, but thanks to the Easy Clean system it’s a breeze.

The oil drains out through a tap, which filters out any loose particles of food at the same time. All the bits come out and can be put in the dishwasher. The lid, basket and bowl are easy to clean under a tap too.

The Coolzone technology reportedly works very well, with the oil staying fresher for much longer than other fryers on the market. That’s good news, every penny helps, right!

People remarked that, generally, the machine is quality all round. A well made, and great performing fryer.

So what didn’t people like about it? There were a couple of grumbles, but certainly no major problems.

The most common complaint is that the lid isn’t on hinges, it comes completely off. This means that condensation that has gathered on the inside can drip when you take it off. We can understand what these people are saying, but in the same breath people praised the machine for being easy to clean. That depends on the lid being detachable. If it weren’t, cleaning would be a lot tougher.

Another, very minor complaint, is that you can only use liquid oils in the machine. The manual states that you mustn’t melt solid lards or beef dripping in there. However, you can melt them elsewhere before adding them to the machine. Since 99% of people don’t use these types of fat anymore, we doubt this will be a problem for many people.

With its great features that make it easy to clean, safe, and fast, the DeLonghi F34512CZ is one of the best deep fat fryers on the market at the moment. It makes great chips quickly, and with a minimum of fuss. Top marks from us.

  • Score: 5 stars

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