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De’Longhi F28311 Roto Fry Review

Low fat fryers are great for your health, but when you want a good old-fashioned chip-shop style chip, a deep fryer is the only way to go. Today, we’re taking a look at the DeLonghi F28311 Roto Fry, which is a deep fryer with one or two tricks up its sleeve. Let’s take a look and see what’s on offer.

One of the most unique things about the F28711 is the basket. Throw your chips in to cook, and the basket will rotate about the base automatically. This means all your chips will be evenly cooked, without you having to flip open the lid and shake the basket.

The machine has a good capacity, allowing you to fry up 1kg of food. This makes it suitable for family use. At the same time, it uses a lot less oil that equivalent fryers; just 1.2 litres of oil.

The temperature is fully adjustable, allowing you to cook your food from 150 to 190 degrees. This means you can adjust easily for the crispness that you like.

The machine also includes an “easy clean system” for draining the oil without making a mess.

The lid has a replaceable air filter for minimising oily smells, and the cool touch housing means that you won’t be able to burn your hands whilst it is hot.

De’Longhi F28311 Features and Specifications

  • Basket rotates – evenly cooks and no need to stir
  • Cooks 1kg of food – plenty for family use
  • Economical with oil – just 1.2 litre required
  • Adjustable temperature – get the crispness you love
  • Easy clean system – drain the oil without creating a mess
  • Replaceable air filter and cool touch housing

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Around 80% of customers were happy with this machine, with about 75% giving it a top score. Whilst the device impressed on the whole, it’s not without its problems, which we’ll take a look at a bit later.

One of the main things that customers praised the fryer for is that it is very economical on oil. This is great for two reasons. First, and rather obviously, it saves you money on oil! Second, is that it’s going to use less energy to heat the oil that you do use. Every little bit helps!

Most people just loved the chips that they made with this machine. They’re crisp, golden, fluffy and delicious. They don’t come out tasting greasy or oily either. The one problem, is that the timings in the instruction book aren’t great. To get the best results, you need to reduce the amount of cooking time, as the times in the recipe book do tend to overdo the chips.

A few customers also remarked that the smells that come from the machine are minimal, so the air filter seems to do its job very well.

There’s one problem with this fryer, which does actually put us off a bit.

The lid has a push button mechanism that you use to open it. Unfortunately, the spring that drives the mechanism is rather strong. This means that a lot of customers experienced the lid shooting open way too quickly.

Not only can this result in the fryer itself rocking on its feet, but on occasion people even experienced the lid flying off and across the kitchen worktop! The lid is designed to be removable, so it just slots straight back in, but this does seem quite dangerous.

Now, because the machine is so good at frying chips, quite a lot of customers were happy to overlook this. Simply holding the lid with a hand whilst you press the button, and allowing it to raise gently solves the problem. However, you need to be aware of the issue in the first place in order to do this (good thing you’re reading this review)! If you think you might forget to do this when opening the lid, you might want to stay away.

It’s a shame about the lid problem, because the De’Longhi F28311 really does fry a great chip. But we think it’s really too much of a problem to overlook, and it’s going to stop the machine from getting top marks.

  • Score: 3 stars

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