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Breville Halo Health Fryer VDF065 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Beville Halo Health Fryer, which is Breville’s answer to the Tefal Actifry. The concept if the same – great chips with just one spoonful of oil! We rather liked the Actifry, so we’re pretty interested to see what the Halo is bringing to the table. Let’s find out.

With one spoon of oil required for cooking, you’ll be using 99.5% less fat than a standard 3 litre fryer. The health benefits are obvious, and the promise of chips that you don’t have to be guilty about eating is definitely a good one!

The Halo fryer has a double cooking cooking action. It uses fan assisted convection (fancy words for hot air) and a halogen element. That means that it heats up instantly, so there’s no waiting around for ages like you have to with a conventional oven.

It also means that the machine is rather versatile. It comes with a reversible roasting rack which means it can double as a grill, and this is great for cooking delicate items such as fish. Basically, though, you can cook anything in this fryer; from chips and chicken nuggets, to roast potatoes and sausages.

The bowl inside rotates, and has a removable paddle too so as to keep the food moving and evenly cooked. You can use the machine without the paddle too, if you want to cook anything larger. This means that you can fry, bake, cook, saute or roast whatever you like.

There’s a recipe book included too to get you started.

We found that most deep fat fryers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Breville Halo which is currently available new for 53% off.

Breville Halo Health Fryer Features and Specifications

  • Cook chips with just one spoonful of oil – 99.5% less fat than a standard fryer
  • Double action cooking – convection and halogen element heat up instantly
  • Reversible roasting rack included – grill and roast too
  • Rotating bowl and removable paddle keeps for moving and evenly cooked
  • Recipe book included

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We’ve scoured the customer feedback on this one to see what people think, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag of results.

People loved how quickly you can get going with the Halo. There’s no need to preheat it all, it gets warm straight away. There’s no waiting around for it to reach the right temperature like with a conventional oven.

Since there’s no river of hot oil running through the machine, it makes next to no odour. Anyone used to the greasy chip shop smells you get from a deep fat fryer, will find the Halo a godsend!

Of course, one of the major selling points is the healthier food that it promises. Customers really appreciated this, and found themselves using the machine for quite a lot of different food types. People were roasting veg, cooking sausages, bacon and even frozen pizza!

Most people bought the machine to make chips, so how well did they turn out?

This is where customers were divided. Half loved the chips they made with the Halo, saying they were crispy and fluffy every time. The other half had problems, and these problems revolve around the paddle.

Unfortunately, a lot of people (even customers who were happy with the machine) found that paddle often gets stuck when stirring chips. It doesn’t take much, a few chips get caught underneath it and the whole thing gets stuck.

When the paddle doesn’t stick, a lot of people found that it squashes the chips! Some people stopped using the paddle altogether, choosing to stir the chips from time to time by hand. This was somewhat inconvenient, but worked a lot better.

This problem was reported in almost half of the customer comments that we examined, so it’s quite common unfortunately.

The Breville Halo fryer has a lot going for it, but we simply can’t overlook the amount of people who had their chips destroyed by the paddle!

  • Score: 2 stars

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