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Use Up Your Leftovers and Find Love (All In The Same Night)

If you’ve shied away from online dating in the past, but you love food, then I’ve got the perfect website for you! Swedish farmers’ cooperative, Lantmannen, has created a new online dating service that revolves around pairing up hopeful singles with a love for food.

The idea is simple. You’ve got a load of left overs in your kitchen, right (everybody does)? Instead of throwing them in the trash, hop online and let Lantmannen know what you’ve got. They’ll search their database for a recipe, plus another single with the ingredients to complete the dish!

Interesting idea (at least you know you’ll be getting some decent food on your date)! The only thing left to do, is argue over who’s doing the cooking, and who’s doing the washing up!

Read more here: http://www.springwise.com/lifestyle_leisure/farmers-cooperative-pairs-singles-leftover-food/

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