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Magimix vs Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Which Is The Best?

Magimix are the rulers of the world when it comes to food processors! If your processor has the name Magimix on the box, it’s got a hallmark of quality, efficiency and reliability.

So, when shopping for ice cream makers, a lot of people get excited when they see that Magimix make them. Strangely though, they don’t tend to sell as well as Cuisinart ice cream makers.

So which company is best when it comes to ice cream makers? Magimix, or Cuisinart?

We’ll get straight to the point. We’ve tested out all the most common ice cream makers on the market, and we’d buy a Cuisinart one every time. That’s right, we think you should avoid Magimix ice cream machines.

Whilst researching the various models available for our reviews, we found some pretty unacceptable problems with both the Magimix Le Glacier and the Magimix Gelato Chef.

Magimix Le Glacier Ice Cream MakerThe Le Glacier model is their freeze-the-bowl machine, and comes with a budget price to match. Everything looks great, until you take a look at customers’ experience with the machine. Unfortunately, a disturbing percentage of them have experienced this machine leaking during freezing. The last thing you want in poisonous coolant leaking into your freezer! It’s impossible to clean out, and will mean throwing away any food that might have come into contact with it, and defrosting your fridge. Hardly the ice cream treat that you wanted!

The Gelato Chef, is Magimix’s top of the line machine. Boasting a built-in compressor, it will freeze it mixture itself without needing to pre-freeze the bowl. However, we found a lot of unhappy customers with this machine too. It seems that the Gelato Chef has a disastrous design flaw, which causes the paddle to break. Worse still, customers had to fork out more money for a replacement paddle!

In a word, we think you should avoid opting for a Magimix machine!

So what about Cuisinart? Well, they make some of our favourite ice cream makers!

cuisinart ice40bcu ice cream makerIf you’re looking for a frozen-bowl type machine, then Cuisinart are the best around. Our favourite is the ICE40BCU, which is a dual bowl machine that allows you to make two different flavours at once! The ICE40BCU is extremely well made, efficient, and made the thickest ice cream that we’ve ever got from a freezer bowl machine.

If you wanted a completely automatic machine, then don’t even think about the Magimix Gelato Chef! The Cuisinart ICE50BCU is far superior! It’s solid, robust, and professional looking. It makes thick, creamy ice cream very quickly too. The best thing, though, is that it’s available for over £100 less money than the flawed Magimix model!

If you couldn’t tell, we’re not a big fan of Magimix’s ice cream makers. They make brilliant food processors, but we can’t overlook the unacceptable flaws that are hampering customers’ experiences with their ice cream machines. Get a Cuisinart instead!

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