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Low-Fat Strawberry Frozen Yoghurt

In case you haven’t already guessed it, I’ve got a major obsession for ice cream. I love making it at home (as you can probably tell from all the ice cream makers that I’ve reviewed on the site here).

But, of course, we all know there’s a big problem with all that ice cream. It gathers around your waistline and means a lot of hard work at the gym!

That doesn’t mean that you need to discard your trusty ice cream maker though. If you’ve never tried frozen yoghurt, you should give it a go. It can be just as tasty as ice cream, but also can have next to no fat in it!

To get yourself started, check out this fantastic recipe for low-fat strawberry frozen yoghurt over at Kalyn’s Kitchen blog. Bookmark Kalyn’s blog while you’re at it – this talented lady shares some fantastic recipes!

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