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Getting The Best Results From Your Ice Cream Maker – Tip #3

Making fruit-flavoured ice cream is a bit more tricky than other flavours. The main is reason (apart from the fact that fruit contains a lot of water) is that almost all types of fruit need sweetening before adding them to your mixture. The only fruit that you can add without sweetening first are bananas, and even then you must only use very ripe ones.

So how do you go about sweetening your fruit? The best thing to do, is prepare it the day before you make your ice cream. Take strawberries, for example. Simply slice them into a bowl, cover with several generous table spoons of caster sugar and then place in the fridge.

If you have a lemon lying around in the kitchen, you can squeeze a little lemon juice on top too (not too much though) as this will stop the fruit from going brown as it sits in your fridge!

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