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Getting The Best Results From Your Ice Cream Maker – Tip #1

When you freeze your ice cream, you’re actually adding another ingredient. Air!

All ice cream contains air (if it didn’t it would be a solid block of inedible ice). However, the less air, the better quality the ice cream.

The legal limit for air in ice cream is 50% (in the US)! That means that when you buy a commercial ice cream from the shop, half of your spoon is full of air! If the manufacturers put any more air in, then they wouldn’t legally be allowed to call it ice cream!

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream is one of the best around, with only 20% air. The good news, is that you can get similar results with your ice cream maker.

Most manufacturer’s advise you to half fill your machine, but you can safety fill it three quarters full. This means less air will be stirred in while it is freezing, and the results will be smoother and more delicious than ever!

(Just be careful not to go over three quarters full, as the mixture will expand as it freezes).

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