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Fruit Loaf From Morphy Richards Breadmaker

I’m still testing out the Morphy Richards Easy Use Breadmaker that I recently got my hands on. It breezed through a small white and small brown loaf, and today I’ve put it to work on a nice fruit loaf.

Here are the results. I must say it smells pretty delicious, even I do say so myself. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!

fruit loaf from morphy richards breadmaker

fruit loaf from morphy richards 48322 bread maker

I used the lowest crust setting for a soft white crust, and the loaf was ready in under 3 hours. I have the base model, which means that the fruit has to be added by hand during the 2nd kneading cycle. The machine beeps at the appropriate time, and you simply throw in the fruit. If you want to spend a little more money, Morphy Richards will upgrade the machine to the Premium model which includes an automatic dispenser that will tip the fruit in for you automatically.

Very impressed with this bread maker so far. Tomorrow I’m going to see how it fares on a large sandwich loaf. I’ll have a video review posted up as soon as possible.

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