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First Wholemeal Loaf From Morphy Richards Breadmaker

I’m still testing the Morphy Richards Easy Use Breadmaker that we recently got our hands on, and decided to turns its hand to a wholesome wholemeal loaf today. After a bit of a false start involving some expired flour, I was up and running ad baking up a small basic brown loaf.

Again, this program was nice and easy to follow. Throw in the ingredients, and turn it on – it defaults to the correct settings for a simple loaf like this. It took just under 3 hours, and then my loaf was ready.

It’s not a perfect shape, but here are the results. I’m very happy with this first attempt – in my experience brown bread can be tricky to get right. It’s a got a nice dark and crunchy crust, and a fluffy wholesome middle – can’t be bad!

Here are the results.

brown bread from morphy richards 48322

wholemeal bread from morphy richards 48322 breadmaker

Next up, I’m going to try out some larger loaves and then move onto some speciality breads. I’ll be baking a fruit loaf, brioche loaf, and a sandwich loaf. Once I’ve given the machine a thorough testing, I’ll get my video review up as soon as I can!

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