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Cooking With Kitchen Gadgets – So Many Books!

I visited London at the weekend, and while I was there I dropped into Foyles (which was once named in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest book shop in the World). This is the last huge book shop left in London, sadly, and if you like to read you’ll just love it! There’s a lovely little Jazz cafe inside too, so when your legs get too tired you can enjoy a Cappuccino and nice slice of carrot cake! 😉

On this particular visit, I made a beeline straight for the cooking section. Specifically, I was looking for books about ice cream making (if you’ve been following along with the site, you’ll know we’ve recently been taking a look at the good old ice cream maker). I found a lot of lovely ice cream recipe books, but something cooler caught my attention!

They have such a huge selection of books at Foyles that they’ve got a whole massive section devoted entirely to “Cooking With Gadgets”. As you can imagined, for a self confessed gadget hoarder like myself this was kind of exciting.

Foyles have a wonderful cooking section in general, so if you’re in London and have the opportunity to visit, you really must!

kitchen gadgets book section

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