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Caraway Rye Bread From Your Bread Machine

I love my bread machine. For everyday use like toast and sandwiches, it makes great bread, and does it nice and cheaply too! You’ll often hear it kneading away in the background if you’ve visited my kitchen for a cuppa!

I’m so used to throwing in the ingredients for a homemade white or wholemeal loaf, that I forget that you can actually get a lot more adventurous. This recipe for bread maker caraway rye bread reminded me that I really should experiment a bit more with it from time to time!

I’m definitely going to give that a try when I get a chance to pick up the ingredients. In the meantime, I had a sudden hankering for brioche! So I grabbed my trusty Morphy Richards bread maker, threw in my butter, eggs, flour, and water and set it to work on it’s “speciality” mode.

I must say I was rather pleased with the results! Definitely looking forward to breakfast in the morning now!

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