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Burek Cheese Pie Recipe

One of the tastiest things that I ate when I visited Croatia a few years ago, was a cheese pastry called a “Burek”. It was a delicious flaky pasty with Feta cheese inside. It sounds simple, and dare I say a little dull, but these Burek’s were absolutely the most delicious pastries that I’ve ever tasted!

I’ve never seen them anywhere but Croatia, and since I haven’t been back there in several years I haven’t had the opportunity to eat one again. However, thanks to the wonderful people on Twitter, I now have a recipe so that I can make them whenever I want!

I highly recommend that you check it out.

The full recipe is here. It involves getting the pastry “just right” so it’s not the easiest dish to make. But you should really give it a try if you like cheese and pastry. It’ll blow you away!


Better still, get on a plane to Croatia and try one for yourself!

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