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Blackberry Crumble

I used to love a nice crumble when I was a kid. Apple, rhubarb, gooseberry – I didn’t care what was in it, as long as there was crumble and a nice thick helping of custard on top! It’s a very British dessert, and as so many of my favourite food bloggers are from the US, it’s very rare to see a good old fashioned crumble recipe online.

I had an uncontrollable hankering for crumble the other day. I set out looking for an apple crumble recipe, but ended up finding this delicious recipe for blackberry crumble: http://www.sowonderfulsomarvelous.com/2009/09/blackberry-crumble.html.

If you’ve got fond memories of a bowl of crumble and a jug of custard from your childhood, I highly suggest that you check it out!

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