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Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by Krups XN710641 Review

Capsule coffee machines offer a lot of convenience, but in some of them the coffee falls short of expectations. Nespresso machines tend to buck that trend, with the Pixie model that we looked at recently quenching many a coffee-lover’s thirst! So, we’ve got very high expectations for the flagship Nespresso model – the CitiZ and Milk XN710641.

This is a very similar machine to the Pixie, with several key additions. It has the familiar retro design which we’re a big fan of, and it’s available in Titanium and Fire Engine Red. It’s a nice looking machine that’ll look good in pride of place on any kitchen worktop.

The CitiZ has been fine tuned to deliver the best coffee possible, and it uses a professional-level 19 bar pump pressure to prepare it. This should help to ensure a nice thick crema layer on top.

The great thing about this device, which other capsule machines get completely wrong, is the fact that you can program the amount of water it dispenses. Rather than come up short, you can simply hold your finger onto the button and fill your cup up to the top. The next time you come back, the machine will remember the perfect amount of water to fill your cup!

The big selling point of this machine, though, is the built-in Aeroccino. Pour your milk into it, and it’ll froth it up for you in 30 seconds. It’s much easier to use than the frothing arms you see on professional machines, and allows you make refreshing cold coffees too!

There are 16 different types of capsule available for the Nespresso, plenty of variety for anybody. The great thing about these capsules though, is the free collection and recycling program on offer. No waste here!

Inside the machine, there’s a capsule bin that will hold up to 12 capsules. When it has finished with each one, it’ll automatically dump it into the bin so you don’t have to bother cleaning it out every time you use it.

Krups seem to be confident of the quality of this machine too, offering you a 3 year warranty as standard. Not only that, but if you do need to take advantage of that guarantee, they’ll provide you with a free loan machine to use whilst yours is being repaired. You can’t say fairer than that!

Nespresso CitiZ and Milk Features and Specifications

  • Professional 19 bar pump pressure – makes a nice thick crema layer on top of your coffee
  • Unique Aeroccino milk frother – froth your milk in 30 seconds and make great cold drinks too
  • Programmable cup size – remembers the perfect amount of water for your cups
  • Internal capsule bin – no need to clean up every time
  • 16 capsule varieties and free collection and recycling service
  • 3 year warranty

Customer Feedback and Reviews

The Nespresso Pixie pleased almost everyone who bought it, so we expected to see the same pattern with the Citiz and Milk model. We weren’t wrong! Over 98% of customers were happy with their new coffee machine, and all of them gave it top marks!

Everyone who bought this machine was really impressed with the coffee. It comes out with a nice layer of crema, the taste is consistent, and it’s much better than instant coffee.

The milk frother adds more versatility to a machine that’s already pretty versatile, with 16 different drink varieties available. Now, you can froth up milk for a latte or cappuccino, as well as enjoy smooth cold coffee drinks too.

Customers reported that the frother works really well, and has your milk nice and thick within a minute. It’s far easier to use than a traditional frothing arm like you see on professional machines too.

One customer mentioned that the frother works brilliantly with semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, but the results weren’t as good with full-fat milk. Something to bear in mind, but we doubt there are many people using full-fat these days anyway.

The CitiZ is a stylish machine. It’s retro, but has a distinctly up-to-date feel about it too. People praised its looks, as well as its build quality highly.

The variety of capsules is very good, and we love the fact that Krups provide a free collection and recycling service for them. This is a big feather in their cap, as most other companies don’t even make capsules that can be recycled! A big plus point for us.

The one downside with these capsules, is they need to be ordered online; you won’t find them in your local supermarket. A bit of a chore, but considering how convenient this machine is otherwise, we’ll let that one slide.

We’ll get straight to the point. The Nespresso CitiZ and Milk is the best capsule-based coffee machine on the market. It’s simple, quick, reliable and stylish. The coffee is great too, far better than instant and even approaching the quality of a professional bean to cup machine. The added convenience of a capsule machine is a big plus too. In short, if you want a capsule coffee machine, forget the rest – get the best! This is the one to go for!

  • Score: 5 stars

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