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Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus Review

We’re taking a look at the Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Breadmaker today, the most expensive bread machine in the Morphy Richards range. We were impressed with their basic device, the 48322, when we took a look at it a few weeks back. This means we’re expecting even better things from this machine, which is about twice the price! Let’s take a look at see if it delivers.

To all intents and purposes, the 48324 is pretty much the same as the cheaper model. We’ll recap the features in a second, but first let’s take a look at what you get for the extra money this premium model costs you.

The most obvious change is the addition of the automatic fruit and nut dispenser. Simply fill it with fruit, nuts or seeds at the beginning and then the bread maker will tip these ingredients into the mix at the most appropriate time. In the cheaper model, you need to do this manually by hand, meaning that this device is more automatic.

Aside from this, the machine also comes with an extra 4 modes; pizza dough, quick, cakes and dessert.

The rest of this bread maker is the same as the cheaper model. You might want to view our review of that model, however we’ll briefly recap the features here too.

With 17 programmes in total, this bread maker should be versatile enough for everyone’s tastes. You can use it to make everything from white and wholewheat loaves, to brioche, ciabatta and even the dough for croissants! Also included are 70 minute fast bake, and 100% gluten free modes. There should be something here for everyone’s tastes.

To help you take advantage of the huge amount of programmes to choose from, Morphy Richards include over 50 recipes in the manual to get you going.

If you like fresh bread for breakfast there is a 12 hour delay timer, so you can put the ingredients in before you sleep and then wake up to warm fresh bread. If you’re not so good at getting out of bed, the auto keep-warm feature will ensure that your loaf stays warm and doesn’t go soggy for up to 60 minutes.

With 3 loaf sizes, 5 crust settings, viewing light and window, and measuring tools included, this is quite a feature packed package.

We found that most bread makers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Morphy Richards 48324 which is currently available for 53% off.

Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Breadmaker Features and Specification

  • 17 programmes – everything from white, to ciabatta, to brioche
  • Auto fruit and nut dispenser – completely hands off bread making
  • 100% gluten free setting
  • 50 recipes included
  • 3 bread sizes
  • 5 crust settings

Customer Feedback and Reviews

About 85% of customers were happy with their purchase, awarding the bread maker 3 stars or above. The vast majority really liked it, with 81% of customers giving the machine a 4 or 5 star review.

The first thing that strikes you about this bread maker, is the price. Even though this is Morphy Richards’ premium bread maker, it is still quite reasonably priced. It’s about 40% cheaper than more expensive models, yet packs exactly the same features. In fact, in some areas it offers more than expensive high-end bread makers; for example, it offers more programmes than other machines on the market.

Customers also liked the bread. Whilst a lot of people felt that the included recipes did need some adjustment, even the pickiest of customers said that the bread that they made was good. Perhaps not quite on par with the Panasonic SD-2501WXC, but very good none-the-less.

As expected, since this machine has the same interface as the cheaper model, people found it very easy to use. Simply add your ingredients, select the programme, choose your size and crust type and hit go.

There weren’t really any noteworthy complaints with this machine at all. We don’t like to let our kitchen gadgets off lightly though, so we’ve taken a close look at customer feedback to see if any problems showed up.

Whilst the machine comes with an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, it still beeps before adding these ingredients. Usually this would be the cue to open the lid and throw in your fruits and nuts, but obviously this is not necessary due to the automatic dispenser. A few customers were confused about why this beep simply wasn’t disabled.

So does this machine offer enough over the cheaper 48322 model to justify the price? With the only extra additions being an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, and extra programmes for pizza dough and cake, that question should be easy enough to answer. If you’re not interested in using either of these features, then you might as well go for the cheaper model.

The Morphy Richards 48324 is a solid bread maker, which offers premium features at a price that is quite a bit lower than high-end machines. It’s not quite as good as the Panasonic SD-2501WXC (which still makes the best bread around), but at around 40% cheaper it wins in terms of value for money.

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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