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Morphy Richards 48322 Mid Easy Use Review

Today, we’re taking a look at the Morphy Richards 48322 Easy Use Breadmaker. The best thing about this machine is that it’s available for under £40! Of course, the price is irrelevant if the bread is no good, so we’ll be putting that to the test in this review. Let’s take a look.

This machine comes with plenty of programmes despite its cheap price, 13 in total. This covers everything from a basic loaf, through to French and speciality breads. For those on a special diet, there is a 100% gluten-free mode too. If you’re in a hurry, there is also a 70 minute fast bake mode.

Once you’ve decided on the programme, there are three loaf sizes to choose from: 500g, 700g and 900g. Plenty to keep a family going for a couple of days.

Next, you can choose the crust type. With 5 in total, from very light to very dark, this machine should have you covered no matter how crispy you like your crusts!

A delay timer is built-in so that you can throw in your ingredients before you go to bed, and then wake up to fresh bread for breakfast. You can delay the baking for up to 12 hours, so you could also also set the machine to greet you home with a fresh loaf after work too.

If you’re in the house and want to keep an eye on your bread, there is a small viewing window so that you can see what’s going on.

When it’s finished baking your loaf, you don’t need to rush to the bread maker to get your bread out. The machine has an auto keep-warm feature which will keep your bread warm for up to 60 minutes. The bread will be totally fine in the machine, without getting soggy, and will be nice and warm when you’re ready to take it out.

In the box, you’ll also find all the measuring cups and spoons that you’ll need, and the manual contains 50 recipes to get you going.

We found that most bread makers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Morphy Richards 48322 which is currently available for 10% off.

Morphy Richards 48322 Easy Use Breadmaker Features and Specifications

  • 13 programmes – including speciality breads and 100% gluten free setting
  • 5 crust settings – very light to very dark, get your crust as crusty as you like it
  • 12 hour delay timer – wake up to fresh baked bread
  • 3 loaf sizes – plenty to keep a large family going
  • 70 minute fast bake option – good when you’re in a hurry for fresh bread
  • Auto keep-warm – no need to rush to the bread maker when its finished
  • Measuring cups and spoons included

Putting It To The Test

During my time with this machine, I’ve put it through its paces with a variety of bread types. It performed superbly every time! It turned out white bread, brown bread, fruit bread, brioche and sandwich bread to an excellent consistency and taste. I’ve been extremely impressed with the bread it’s made, and the results have been consistent; I’ve not had a bad loaf from this machine yet!
white loaf of bread
The unit itself is nice and sturdy, despite being made of plastic. The body and lid feel solid and well made, as do the tin and paddle. I love the removable lid; it makes it nice and easy to get at the bread without burning yourself and it also makes it nice and easy to clean.

Whilst this base model has less modes than the Premium model, personally I think that the 11 modes that it comes with a more than enough. There are programmes to cover basic, speciality and sweet breads so there is definitely something for everybody. For 99% of people, this basic model is going to more than versatile enough.

I’ve been struggling to think of any criticisms at all; the machine impressed me that much! One thing, admittedly a minor problem, is that the recipes are a little on the sweet side for my taste. Not a problem – I simply halved the amount of sugar and all was well! Just be aware that you might need to adjust the amount of sugar in the recipe depending on your tastes.

Apart from that, I noticed that the device does tend to wobble around a little when kneading. However, it’s not enough of a wobble to cause a problem – the machine stays in the same spot on the worktop throughout the kneading process.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Of course, no review would be complete until we’ve taken a look at what fellow bread-lovers have to say! There aren’t as many customer reviews or comments available online as for other bread makers, however of those that we collected over 85% were from happy customers.

freshly baked loaf of bread
The most popular thing about this bread maker was, naturally, the price! It can be purchased online for under £40 which makes it one of the cheapest bread makers around. For occasional use, or people who just want to dip their toe into home bread making before buying a more expensive machine, then this machine could be just the ticket!

Of all the positives reviews, almost every one expressed satisfaction with the bread. Considering this is quite a cheap bread maker, it makes great homemade bread (although a more expensive machine such as the Panasonic SD-2501WXC is probably a bit better). Still, the bread that it makes came well recommended by customers, and I found it delicious myself too!

brioche loafThe machine was also often praised for its ease of use; throw in the ingredients, choose the program, choose the size and crust type and hit the start button. People like the fact that you could check on the bread by peering through the viewing window, and said that the bread maker remained cool to the touch throughout.

On finishing, the good thing is that there’s no need to rush to the machine. The auto keep-warm feature kicks in without any intervention, and maintains the warmth of the bread (keeping it from getting soggy) for up to an hour. After use, people said that it was nice and easy to clean too.

Of the negative reviews, it seems that most of them came from people simply didn’t manage to get the bread that they expected. It’s hard to say why the majority of people had no problem whilst some people failed with the machine, however it’s almost certainly to do with the measurements they used. Bread making is kind of science, and it’s important that you follow the measurements very precisely for success. The best way to do this, is to use the included measuring tools.

The only other complaint that we notice is quite minor. Quite often, the paddle can get stuck in the bread when it is removed from the machine. This is a common thing with bread makers, and it’s remedied easily by working the paddle out of the bread. Definitely not a big deal. For the record, I haven’t experienced this even once; every single load I’ve made with this bread maker came clean out of the pan, leaving the paddle firmly behind.

As the cheapest bread maker that we’ve found, the Morphy Richards 48322 is surprising excellent! Panasonic still rule the breadmaker world with their SD-2501WXC, but this is a very reasonably priced alternative that makes really good bread.

If you’re looking for your first bread maker, and you just want a cheap machine to dip your toe in the water with then the 48322 could well be for you. The Panasonic SD-2501WXC is still my favourite, but I must admit that this machine from Morphy Richards has done more than enough to impress!

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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