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Kenwood BM450 with Ingredients Dispenser Review

Today, we’re taking a look at what is perhaps the most stylish and striking looking breadmaker on the market; the Kenwood BM450. This machine is certainly eye catching, but we’re not going to let the looks get to us (we want to know how good the bread is)! Let’s see what’s on offer.

The first thing that strikes you about this bread maker is its design. It’s made of stainless steel & glass, giving it an ultra-modern look which means the machine will look right at home in any kitchen. The LCD and buttons are all glass-covered and touch sensitive, and are therefore very easy to wipe down and keep clean (there aren’t any nooks and crannies for flour to get stuck into).

But its looks are not the only unique thing about this bread maker. This is the only bread maker that we’re aware of that uses a convection fan whilst baking. This evenly distributes the heat and improves the crispness of the loaf (we’ll be putting this to the test later).

The machine has 15 built-in programs for a variety of breads, doughs, cakes and jams. Whether you like a nice standard white bread, or prefer more specialist breads, the BM450 has got your covered. There is a 100% gluten-free program for people on a special diet, and if you’re in a hurry there’s a rapid bake option which delivers a fresh baked loaf in 58 minutes.

This brings us to another unique feature. As well as the built-in programmes, it also allows you to store up to 5 personalised programmes of your own. For each personal programme, you get to choose the timings for all the stages of baking; pre-heating, kneading, rising and baking. Whilst the pre-configured programmes will probably suit most people, it’s great to have the flexibility to put your own together, and no doubt experienced bread makers will appreciate this.

You can bake three different sizes of bread with this machine: large (1kg), medium (750g) and small (500g). As you’d expect, you have full control over the crust too with a crust control that allows light to dark crusts. An automatic ingredients dispenser will add raisins or nuts at the appropriate point if you desire.

The removable easy clean lid, viewing window with internal oven light, 12 hour delay timer and 1 hour keep-warm feature, round off what is quite a feature packed and unique package.

Kenwood BM450 Features and Specifications

  • 15 programmes – makes bread, jams, cakes, and speciality bread
  • 100% gluten-fee setting
  • 5 personal programmes – set your own timings
  • Stylish stainless steel and black glass finish – easy to wipe clean
  • Automatic ingredients dispenser – add raisins, nuts and seeds automatically
  • 3 Bread Sizes – 500g, 750g, 1kg
  • Crust Control – choose light to dark crusts

Customer Feedback and Reviews

As always, no review is complete without a look at what people who bought the machine thought. This machine is quite a best seller, so there is no shortage of customer comments available online; 86% of people were happy, awarding the machine 3 stars or more. 81% of all customers were extremely happy with their purchase, giving this bread make a 4 or 5 star review. Let’s take a look at what people liked, and didn’t like.

Everybody loved the looks of the machine, remarking that it does look as attractive and nicely designed in the kitchen as it does in the picture! Many people also remarked on how well it was made; as well as looking good, it seems sturdy and solid too.

But it’s the bread that really matters, and I can report that the vast majority of customers were really happy with the quality of the loaves they made. Many people said that they’d had perfect results every time. I did notice a few reviews left by people who had problems getting good results, however since a few reviewers mentioned they’d initially used the wrong yeast, this could be the reason why. In any case, the majority of people reported great bread.

People generally liked the versatility of the machine. Although most people simply wanted standard loaves, quite a lot of customers also reported good results with the various cake modes too.

There were a couple of negative points that kept coming up though. First of all, a lot of people said that they found the paddle quite difficult to remove after use. Apparently it needs a little brute force to get it out.

As I already mentioned, there was a small minority of people who had problems getting their bread to rise. Some people mentioned that they failed on the first try due to using the incorrect yeast, so this might well be the reason. We haven’t been able to figure out any reason why a few people failed, whilst the majority reported good results.

Finally, unfortunately the machine is quite loud. It isn’t intrusively loud, but one customer reported that he could hear the machine throughout the ground floor of his house. Although, if you’re intending to use this machine during the day then it shouldn’t present a problem.

The Kenwood BM450 is a solid bread maker. The majority of customers love the bread it makes, and it gains points for its solid build quality and stunning looks. It does have a few limitations, and for that reason isn’t getting quite as good a score as the Panasonic SD-2501WXC. Still, it’s a good bread maker and certainly looks the part!

  • Score: 3.5 stars

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