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Kenwood BM366 Review

Today we’re taking a look at the Kenwood BM366. We were reasonably impressed with Kenwood’s BM450 which we took at look at a while back, and since this is a similar price, we’re expecting similar performance. Let’s take a look and see what this machine is all about.

The machine has a fairly nice design. It’s got a brushed stainless steel finish, which gives it a smart and modern look. Its minimalist design should look right at home on any kitchen worktop.

The machine has a choice of three bread sizes (500g, 750g, and 1kg), as well as 3 crust settings so that you can bake your bread the way that you like it.

As with other Kenwood bread makers, this machine is fan assisted. Whilst it bakes, an internal fan evenly distributes the heat around the loaf to aid with baking.

Operation is as simple as any bread maker. Add your ingredients, select from the 11 available programmes, select your size and crust type, and hit the start button.

You can choose to use the timer to delay baking, which is useful if you want to wake up to fresh bread. If you’re not around when the programme finishes, the machine has a 1 hour keep-warm cycle which will keep the bread warm, and prevent it from going soggy in the machine.

If you’re in a hurry, there’s an 85 minute optimum bake programme, which will have a fresh baked loaf ready in an hour and fifteen minutes.

If you’re a beginner to bread making, there is a full colour recipe book included in the box to get you going.

We found that most bread makers were cheapest at Amazon.co.uk, including the Kenwood BM366 which is currently available for 30% off.

Kenwood BM366 Breadmaker Features and Specifications

  • Stylish brushed stainless steel finish
  • 3 loaf sizes – 500g, 750g, 1kg
  • 15 hour delay timer
  • Fan assisted
  • 11 programmes
  • Full colour recipe book included

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Now to find out what customers who bought the machine thought about it. Unfortunately, opinion was quite divided. 50% of customers weren’t happy.

First things first, the bread. Whilst it’s not terrible, I’m afraid that the bread simply didn’t receive any rave reviews. People who had previous used a Panasonic bread maker in particular were disappointed; the bread they got was not a patch on what they’ve experienced from their previous Panasonic model.

Another problem is that several customers reported that the machine is quite noisy. If this were a gadget that was used in short bursts this could be forgiven, but since the kneading cycle can go on for quite some time this is unacceptable. The noise is also going to render the delay timer useless for those that want to make bread during the night, as the machine might well disturb if your bedroom is anywhere near the kitchen.

On the upside, people loved the way that it looked, and also said that the machine is nice and compact. Whilst this is a definite plus (most bread makers are huge), it’s really not enough to make up for the flaws.

You should stay away from the Kenwood BM366. If you like its stainless steel look, you’d be better off picking up Kenwood’s BM450 model. Better yet, spend the extra £10 and invest in a Panasonic SD-2500WXC.

  • Score: 1 stars

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