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Russell Hobbs Food Collection 14452 Review

If you don’t think you’ll use your blender that often, you might be tempted to take a look at a budget model and save a bit of money (or a lot of money as the case may be)! Today, we’re going to take a look at just such a device: the Russell Hobbs 14452, which is available for around about £10! Ok, it’s nice and cheap but does it work? Let’s find out.

This certainly not a fancy device, which for the price isn’t altogether surprising! It has a 200 watt motor, with 2 speeds at its heart; so it’s no powerhouse either. Even so, the 200w motor should provide enough in the way of elbow grease for making up baby food or smoothies.

Russell Hobbs say that they’ve given the handset an ergonomic design, making it easy to hold and manipulate.

It has a detachable shaft, which is designed to make the machine easy to clean after use too.

Russell Hobbs Food Collection 14452 Hand Blender Features and Specifications

  • 200 watt motor with 2 speeds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Detachable shaft for easy cleaning

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Having read all the customer comments that we could get our hands on, it appears that this blender doesn’t quite hit the spot. A third of customers were unhappy with their purchase, and certainly wouldn’t recommended it. But why?

First off, comments about the build quality were common place. It seems that the 14452 feels flimsy, plasticy and cheap. To be fair, it is cheap though, so we’d be able to overlook this if the machine performed efficiently.

Unfortunately, problems were reported there too.

First off, anyone who wanted to perform more complex tasks met with problems. In particular, people who were trying to make homemade soup had difficulties.

It seems that the device doesn’t effectively draw ingredients to the blade for blending, and this means that you have to hit lumps dead-on in order for them to blend. A lot of soup makers said they ended up playing a game of chase-the-lump! Not good.

The people who were walking away happy with the performance of this machine tended to be doing very light tasks; for example, mixing up batter for pancakes or yorkshire puddings.

However, there were even more worrying problems reported than this.

A significant number of reviews mentioned the same fault. After a couple of uses, the blade actually fell off the machine!

Quite apart from the fact that this is obviously quite dangerous, even a cheap device should be able to stand more than a couple of uses! The fact that this seemed to happen to a number of people (well over 10%) seems to indicate that there is a design problem inherent in the blender.

If it wasn’t obvious, we’re not impressed. It might be nice and cheap, but there’s not much point in spending even a small amount of money on a blender that’s unreliable and inefficient. Our advice? Skip the Russell Hobbs 14452, and invest an extra £17 in a cheap blender that actually works – the Philips HR1363.

  • Score: 1 stars

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